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Carlos Sainz Jr. Racing in Style with His Richard Mille RM 67-02 Masterpiece

Spanish Formula One driver @carlossainz55, currently a key member of the prestigious Scuderia Ferrari team, elevates his racing style with the exquisite 38 mm @richardmille RM 67-02 ‘Alexander Zverev’ timepiece. This timepiece boasts a remarkable combination of precision engineering and sophistication.

Photo by: Carlos Sainz Jr.

In the world of Formula One, speed and precision are the name of the game. But what sets apart the racers from the racers-with-style? Well, look no further than Spanish sensation Carlos Sainz, who’s not just burning rubber on the track but also setting trends in the pit lane. How, you ask? It’s all about the wrist game, folks!

You see, while Carlos Sainz Jr. might be known for his lightning-fast laps with Scuderia Ferrari, he’s also got a need for speed when it comes to fashion. And that need is fulfilled by none other than the Swiss watchmaker extraordinaire, Richard Mille.


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Carlos rocks the 38 mm Richard Mille like it’s an extension of his racing gloves. This watch isn’t your run-of-the-mill time-teller; it’s a horological masterpiece!

First things first, let’s talk about the bling…or lack thereof. This timepiece features a sleek quartz carbon TPT case. Yes, you heard that right – carbon! It’s like Carlos took a piece of his F1 car and strapped it to his wrist. We’re talking lightweight, durable, and so chic that even Lewis Hamilton would be jealous (maybe).

But here’s the kicker: this watch is so light that you’ll forget you’re wearing it. At only 32 grams, it’s like having a feather on your wrist – except this feather costs more than most people’s cars! It’s one of the lightest automatic watches in Richard Mille’s collection, and Carlos Sainz Jr. doesn’t just drive fast; he lives life in the fast lane.

Now, the skeletonized dial is where the real fun begins. It’s not just a dial; it’s a window into the intricate heart of this timekeeping marvel. It’s like peering into the engine of an F1 car – all the gears and gizmos on full display, and it’s just as mesmerizing as the Spanish Grand Prix (well, almost).

You might wonder why a guy who spends his life racing against the clock needs a fancy watch. Well, it’s simple – it’s all about the style points. When you’re cruising down the pit lane at breakneck speeds, you’ve got to look good doing it. And Carlos Sainz Jr. understands that better than anyone.

So, there you have it, folks. Carlos Sainz Jr., the man who makes racing look like a walk in the park, also knows how to turn heads with a wrist accessory that’s as fast and flashy as his Scuderia Ferrari. Whether he’s on the track or just strolling down the paddock, you can bet that his Richard Mille RM 67-02 ‘Alexander Zverev’ is always along for the ride – and it’s got the style and humor to match the man himself.

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