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Best Swatch Timepieces for Daily Wear

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The watch company Swatch is well-known worldwide, selling countless numbers of timepieces each year. It is also renowned for producing high-quality, reasonably priced Swiss timepieces frequently built of plastic. 

Furthermore, Swatch has attained a virtually iconic reputation in the watch industry. Through the gradual acquisition of numerous other watch companies and workshops, the Swatch Group has grown into an empire of wristwatch brands.

Generally, Swatch has expanded its product line over the years to incorporate a wide variety of watches. Nevertheless, it remains loyal to its original goal of producing fashionable, reasonably priced, high-quality Swiss timepieces. Because of this, there is a Swatch watch for everyone, no matter your style. In addition, due to its exceptional quality, Swiss manufacturing, and availability as timepieces, most watch aficionados adore Swatch devices. 

Below is thus a list of the best Swatch watches for everyday wear:

Swatch Once Again Ref. GB743:

Swatch Once Again Ref. GB743 is a timeless and secure solution for daily use. It appeals to individuals who prefer uncomplicated items because of its simple yet tough exterior. Besides, this variant’s ability to go well with practically any clothing is one of its best qualities.


Photo: Swatch


Furthermore, this Ref. GB743 includes a bracelet as well as a 34-millimeter black plastic casing.


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A crisp white dial featuring luminous blunt markers, Arabic numbers in a sleek script, and an enlarged day-date aperture at three o’clock contrasts with the watch’s elegant all-black body.

Swatch Windy Dune Ref. GE709:

Consider a Swatch Windy Dune Ref. GE709 for a stylish, retro-inspired Swatch timepiece. This watch is highly adaptable because you may wear it for daily activities as well as with various smart-casual outfits.


Photo: Ocarat


The 34-millimeter transparent plastic casing for the Ref. GE709 is paired with a brown, silky leather strap. With its bright, beige-tinted Arabic number markings and elegant blue sunray indicators, it has a somewhat retro appearance. In addition, this dial has lengthy, blunt markers that are covered in lume as well as a day-date indication. Users are also drawn to an up-close and unique look of the internal systems and quartz movement that power this piece because the whole casing is constructed of clear plastic.

Swatch Sir Blue Ref. GN718:

This Swatch Sir Blue Ref. GN718 is a basic, uncomplicated watch, similar to the Swatch Once Again Ref. GB743. Nevertheless, it comes in a distinct color scheme, providing a dapper appearance. Moreover, this piece is worthy of a place in your watch collection since it is simple and unpretentious, which makes it the perfect everyday item.


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Additionally, this Ref. GN718 comes with a ribbed deep blue silicone strap and a 34-millimeter plastic casing in that hue. It has a blue sunray dial with colored Arabic number hour indicators, luminescent silver markers, and a day-date aperture at three o’clock. Moreover, this watch’s whole surface is rich, dark blue, which screams elegance. A gap in the caseback of this device’s plastic construction also reveals the quartz power that drives it.

Swatch Big Bold Bioceramic Desert Ref. SB03C101:

Consider a Swatch Big Bold Bioceramic Desert Ref. SB03C101 for a more cutting-edge watch. The huge, sand-filled deserts inspired this timepiece, even if its name isn’t immediately obvious from how it looks. Lovers of Bauhaus wristwatches will undeniably appreciate this simple watch alternative.


Photo: Swatch


The Ref. SB03C101 has a large 47-millimeter bioceramic casing paired with a beige silicone band. Given that it combines ceramic with plastic made from bio-sources, this bio-ceramic element is an environmentally friendly substitute. As a result, people participating in green projects will undoubtedly value this eco-friendly Swatch timepiece. 

Furthermore, the specific black markers and simple brown dial on this device’s basic case perfectly match its lightweight appearance. Likewise, this Swatch watch also has the same dependable quartz movement as other models.

Swatch Clearly Gent Ref. SO28K100:

The Clearly Gent Ref. SO28K100, a much more unusual yet understated wristwatch, is another ideal Swatch watch for everyday wear. Despite its distinctive appearance, this piece has a subtle appeal that can go with your regular clothing. Therefore, with this piece, you won’t need to worry too much regarding your carbon impact because it uses eco-friendly components.


Photo: Swatch


In addition, the 34-millimeter transparent casing of the Clearly Gent Ref. SO28K100 is constructed entirely of plastic derived from bio-resources. Besides, it is matched with a clear TPU band. The dial strikes a balance between simplicity and sophistication. It also has only vivid blue, yellow, and red blunt indexes and stick indicators for the minute counter. Remarkably, users can see the intricate gears within the watch.

Swatch LA Night Ref. GB330:

The Swatch LA Night Ref. GB330 flaunts a stylish, colorful design targeted mostly toward younger consumers. It has a black silicone band and a 34mm plastic casing in the same color. Also, the quartz movement that powers this watch is visible through the black plastic caseback on the base. 


Photo: Swatch


Additionally, this watch’s special dial, which has a solar spectra appearance and displays a variety of pink, blue, and green shades that resemble nightclub lighting displays, is undoubtedly its most appealing feature. This lovely pattern results in a watch display that is exceptionally beautiful and eye-catching. In addition, the dial is embellished with pink blunt hands and Arabic numeral markings in a slim typeface.

Swatch Love-O-Clock Ref. GW718:

The Swatch Love-O-Clock Ref. GW718 is a version that Swatch created for their Valentine’s Day series if that wasn’t already clear from its look. The beautiful thing regarding this wristwatch is that anybody may wear it because it is neither overly manly nor overly feminine. It is a fantastic solution for lovers looking for the ideal his-and-hers pair sets.


Photo: theembassystore


This Swatch timepiece features a 34mm sleek white silicone band and a white plastic casing. This piece is also available from Swatch in a wider 41mm case for people with bigger wrists. The dial is relatively simple in design, with only blunt black markers, a huge heart symbol occupying most of the dial, and a date opening showing various love-themed emojis. This quartz-powered clock has a reliable depth range of 30 meters.


Final Words

Overall, Swatch is among the companies that instantly springs to mind when discussing reasonably priced, adaptable timepieces for daily use. It is renowned for its broad assortment of everyday watches, each featuring distinctive and varied designs that appeal to a wide audience. Actually, Swatch is the best brand to look at if you’re just getting started in the watchmaking industry for entry-level, widespread watches.

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