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AET REMOULD Loong: A Watch Representing the Dragon Culture

Unique limited-edition timepieces enthrall most fans in the watch industry. Limited sales rate increases the watches collection value apart from being a way to express their uniqueness. 

There is another extremely appealing field in the watch industry, which includes watch customization. The proficient watchmakers can utilize their extensive skills and one-of-a-kind designs to enhance the value of existing valuable timepieces. AET REMOULD, for instance, is a brand that specializes in changing high-end timepieces, which was recently discovered. Their “Dragon” watch from 2022 is very interesting.

Launching of The Dragon Watch

Although AET REMOULD Loong is the newest foreign make, they have a strong grasp of the Chinese heritage. They launched the “Dragon” watch, which blends many aspects of the traditional way of life. On their dial, for example, they used 18K white gold to engrave the look of the dragon. The dragon’s eye has a ruby inserted in it, and the craftsmanship is exquisite. Such a design is the icing on the cake, as it depicts the traditional customs. Besides, Loong’s final touch is fantastic.

Furthermore, the emeralds set on the bezel, as well as the time scale, are highly valuable. The incorporation of this high-end ornament not only reflects the dragon custom’s luxury, dignity, and commanding. Instead, it also increases the watch’s collection worth.


When you look closely at Daytona’s classic Chrono three-eye form, you’ll notice that it has been altered as well. It appears to have been incorporated into ink painting, mimicking the dragon’s shape. It can also be described as depicting a vivid image. Furthermore, this watch’s swaying weight is worth highlighting. The calligraphy artists were encouraged to incorporate the term “dragon.” Their designers later adjusted to generate this symbol which appears like a dragon. However, many people think the design’s details are quite elegant as well.

Indeed, the most striking part of this watch is the use of innovative materials and processes, in addition to incorporating these old custom themes. Their “Dragon” timepiece also has a sapphire crystal band. This is probably the most startling feature for many watch enthusiasts. Nonetheless, you should be aware that while most watchmakers utilize sapphire crystals for their timepiece mirrors as well as the bottom covers, sapphire crystals for watch bands are extremely rare. It’s also possible to say that the sapphire crystal timepiece straps are exclusively available from big watch manufacturers. However, only a few people have noticed the genuine thing with their eyes in the renderings and PPT. 



Unique Insights of the Watch Brand 

Generally, AET REMOULD Loong has restored and rejuvenated a sapphire crystal strap to life, which is truly incredible. We can, therefore, deduce from prior sapphire crystal bands explanations by the greatest watchmakers that processing the material to a band is exceptionally challenging. It is straightforward to induce cracking when cutting, processing, or even polishing the material because of its hardness. In case of even a minor problem, the entire sapphire crystal becomes trashed, resulting in a prohibitive manufacturing cost. On the other hand, the benefits of sapphire crystal are abundant. Since it has a Mohs hardness second only to a diamond, it is more durable and resistant to wear when worn on one’s wrist. Furthermore, the sapphire crystal can be clearer and brighter after polishing, making the see-through material more desired. 

The sapphire crystal strap is also insensitive whenever worn due to its lightweight material qualities. The sapphire crystal band is expensive and difficult to manufacture. However, its intrinsic benefits have caused people to become more enamored.

Final Words 

Overall, the watch customization label AET REMOULD Loong comprises distinctive artistic views and innovative watchmaking technology. Their newest “Dragon” timepiece not only honors China’s rich cultural past. Instead, it also incorporates cutting-edge technology. That is to say, they perceive and interpret the traditional custom through the lens of modern art, and they’ve had remarkable success. Regardless of whether you prefer this timepiece or brand, get a move on and take heed! There’s no doubt that you’ll discover more gems.

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