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A Jacob & Co. Astronomia becomes the first ever triple axis tourbillon to go to space…

Jacob & Co. Astronomia becomes the first ever triple axis tourbillon to go to space. Photo: Getty Images

Space-traveling timepieces, such as Omega’s timelessly well-liked Speedmaster Professional, possess a specific rough fascination. Even though astronauts have worn several watches from various companies during missions outside of Earth, tourbillon pieces featuring their intricate revolving regulators are less frequently mentioned. It’s not that none have actually happened. The Japanese businessman Yusaku Maezawa, a private space traveler, donned his Richard Mille RM 27-02 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal in December when traveling on the International Space Station (ISS).

The inaugural triple-axis tourbillon has recently been launched into space by Jacob & Co., Bucherer BLUE (Swiss firm’s platform for creative partnerships), alongside Sotheby’s. Eytan Stibbe, an impactful Israeli philanthropist and investor, was wearing a specially created, one-of-a-kind Jacob & Co Astronomia Tourbillon Bucherer BLUE watch as the Rakia mission was deployed on April 8.

The Rakia mission’s objective is to raise awareness of the potential advantages of space travel, primarily by leveraging the fascination with individual space exploration. It also stresses the value of protecting Earth’s finite resources and encouraging a dedication to global partnership.


Eytan Stibbe, Israeli former fighter pilot, businessman and commercial astronaut. Photo: Getty Images

During the research expedition, private space technology company Axiom Space launched a four-individual group in and out of the ISS under the supervision of Stibbe, a seasoned combat pilot. On April 25, the AX-1 aircraft landed off the Florida coastline after being launched at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center.

For 17 days, 1 hour, and 37 minutes, the aircraft, as well as the Astronomia Tourbillon Bucherer BLUE, stayed in space. The team thus completed 273 orbits around the Earth in that same period at a frequency of about 17,500 mph (or 28,263 km/h) and a height of over 400 kilometers.

In addition, the watch managed to precisely show the time all through the launch and come back to Earth, withstanding exceptionally great G-forces as well as micro-gravity when in space, as per Stibbe’s remarks in the press statement. However, even though its recordkeeping had gone a little glitchy during the expedition, one can hardly blame the watch. Besides, there have been many cases of timepieces losing track of time for considerably fewer reasons.

The Bucherer BLUE generally represents the platform for developing risk-taking ventures with creative collaborators. According to Patrick Graf, Chief Commercial Officer of Bucherer, together, they strive to accomplish the remarkable and embrace the energy as well as the enthusiasm of the NextGen clients. Jacob & Co.’s extraordinary watches, inventiveness, and can-do spirit enable what was previously unthinkable.

Moreover, the brand is thrilled that the Astronomia Bucherer BLUE traveled to space, challenging the status quo beyond what was anticipated. Driven by the famous Sotheby’s, this partnership elevates the Bucherer BLUE ideology to a completely different level.


On April 8th, the Crew Dragon Endeavour spacecraft took off to the International Space Station (ISS). Flight AX-1 successfully returned to the Florida coast on Monday, April 25th. Photo: Jacob & Co.

Only a single person will ever hold the title of the owner of this legendary watch. However, Jacob & Co. is providing 18 additional individuals with an excellent chance to participate in this horological heritage. A mechanically winded skeletal version featuring a 44-millimeter black DLC titanium casing and an etching of an astronaut looking at Earth from orbit is part of the limited-edition, 18-piece EpicX Bucherer BLUE Version. Moreover, the invention and discovery of the uncharted that transcends space and time are infused in Astronomia and EpicX timepieces.

About Jacob & Co Astronomia Tourbillon Bucherer BLUE Watch

Astronomia is a universally acknowledged hallmark of Jacob & Co’s watchmaking prowess and the epitome of super high-end manufacturing in the twenty-first century. Undeniably, it is a worldwide first in terms of the daring of its innovative design and its wholly mechanized manufacture. Moreover, it has surpassed the realm of exceptional horological accomplishments to become an amazing multifunctional engineering feat.

An unheard-of four-arm movement is located at the core of the Astronomia, whereas a new complexity is connected to every arm. Due to the conception and engineering behind two of the problems, they have been granted patents. The remaining two are unique pieces of art that showcase Jacob & Co.’s expert artistry. Together, they create an impressive display of moving parts that revolve and hover within a stunning sapphire crystal casing.

Astronomia was prompted by the planetary system and all the ideals and marvels of heavenly objects, according to Jacob Arabo, the creator of Jacob & Co. With every new bit since its debut in 2014, the moon, planets, and stars have gained fresh awe and significance. Even while the Astronomia tale develops, it has already established itself as a leader in the fields of high luxury and exquisite horology.

Generally, the Bucherer Blue version of Jacob & Co’s Astronomia Tourbillon is a unique variation that has a rich blue base featuring stars scattered throughout. The watch’s four main components are the dial, tourbillon casing, diamond that resembles the moon, and polished magnesium sphere. These parts are supported by 4 arms that rotate 360 degrees around a center axis per twenty minutes.

  • Unique Astronomia Caliber

The innovative Astronomia 4-arm perpendicular movement has established itself as a creative and technological feat in watchmaking. Every arm does have a particular issue that only Jacob & Co. can solve: A sphere of the planet made of magnesium as well as hand-treated, a diamond having the “Jacob-Cut” pattern and 288 edges, a triple-axis tourbillon, plus a subdial for the minutes and hours featuring a novel watch-differential gear mechanism.

Each set of opposite arms is precisely calculated to be one’s counterbalance. This is a tribute to the clock movement’s intricate structure and unmatched components engineering. Any change in weight could result in a faulty movement. Rather, everyone can observe how smoothly this complex system and its movable pieces operate.

  • Tri-axis tourbillon

The initial purpose of the tourbillon was to enhance the accuracy of a pocket watch’s timekeeping. This more than 200-year-old intricacy is brought to breathtakingly high levels of contemporary sophistication and complexity by the Astronomia Tourbillon.

The Astronomia Tourbillon’s tri-axis tourbillon is a cutting-edge example of contemporary craftsmanship. The balancing wheel, hairspring, escaping wheel, and other significant parts are enclosed in the finely painted cage. This exceptional tourbillon, which has an open-worked enclosure as its distinguishing feature, revolves on 3 axes at once. When skillfully put together and finely tuned, a cluster of exquisitely finished parts enables the Astronomia caliber to maintain the correct time during its power reserve of 60 hours.

As a tribute to the conventional single-axis tourbillon, a complete movement on the first axis takes 60 seconds. The third rotational axis is feasible by a 10-minute, four-arm revolving base of the Astronomia movement. On the other hand, the second axis of spin takes 2.5 minutes to finish. When designed with innovative, ultra-modern techniques and classic horological history in consideration, tourbillons could work in a creative novel way.

  • The Jacob cut diamond

The extraordinary spherical stone, The Jacob Cut, is only available to Jacob & Co. It is a unique piece of originality, imagination, and craftsmanship.

The ragged diamond for the Jacob Cut diamond can be up to double the size of the final stone. The rough is initially machine-cut into a sphere that is almost the same dimension as the finished gem. The 288 edges are then shaped by a professional gem engraver.

The Jacob Cut diamond has to be entirely circular and weigh precisely the same as the other 3 satellites in order to be utilized in the Astronomia Series (triple-axis tourbillon, display of time, magnesium sphere). Besides, carving necessitates a minimum of two weeks of committed, arduous work since guaranteeing the correct size of the facets tends to be challenging.

On the Astronomia timepiece, the Jacob-Cut is often easily identified as a diamond that protrudes from any of the 4 arms of the vertical Astronomia movement. Nevertheless, colorful gems have also been cut and put inside the dial in many other techniques.

  • Magnesium globe

The regions on the planet’s hemisphere, which are made of magnesium and finished with a hand-polished blue gloss, are composed of white gold. Since all four satellites need to have exactly similar weight, it is accomplished in a method that guarantees uniformity in mass. The dial circles the globe every ten minutes, which spins every 30 seconds.

  • Crystal and Case

The casing of the Astronomia Tourbillon has a diameter of 50 mm and a length of 25 mm. Every model, which is made of 18K gold, has 4 sapphire crystal panes placed all around the edge of the case, enabling a clear view of the magnificent caliber within. The timepiece is wound while the time is set using two lift-out revolving “bows” on the case back made of 18K white gold.

  • Dial and indexes

A unique mechanism powers Astronomia’s time indicator sub-dial. It enables it to revolve with the movement’s 4-arm base across the face of the watch while consistently remaining level and readable. The indexes on the skeletonized dial are coated in navy blue metal, whereas the Roman numbers are hand etched and covered with black polish.

Jacob and Co:

The company’s slogan, ‘inspired by the impossible,’ says it all.

Jacob & Co., established in 1986 by Jacob Arabo, produces innovative watches and fine jewels. Due to their uniqueness, they have captured the attention of celebrities and significant figures in the watch industry and sparkled on red carpets as well as in cover images for fashion magazines. In addition, the business has developed to become one of the most well-known luxury labels in jewelry and watches because of a special ability to come up with magnificent and inventive ideas.

The enthusiasm, determination, and creative energy of Mr. Arabo are the foundation of the business. His talent to envision and create magnificent jewelry and one-of-a-kind pieces, along with his reverence for classical artistry and craftsmanship, enable him to bring the even more extraordinary to existence.


In order to amaze and excite fans of watches and jewelry worldwide, Tourneau and Bucherer, two established giants in the market, merged in 2018.

Great developments started when Bucherer obtained Tourneau years ago to enter the American industry. These developments were intended to provide clients with inspirational items, unmatched service, and comfortable and welcoming luxury locations.

Combined, the two businesses—one American, founded in 1900, and the other Swiss, founded in 1888—boast over two hundred years of illustrious history and experience in the retailing, wristwatch, and jewelry industries. Today they combine their creative visions and highlight what they have to give with a dedication to their clients that is firmly based on mutual respect, similar values, and unforeseen but pleasant turns.

Bucherer BLUE:

Ground-breaking, bold, outstanding Bucherer BLUE symbolizes enthusiasm for the cutting edge, aiming to astound clients and realize the improbable. Bucherer has developed a distinctive lifestyle line working with exceptional associates that honor the remarkable. It is only offered at Bucherer and is motivated by innovative ideas as well as a passionate desire. All individuals who aspire to originality and the truly extraordinary should wear Bucherer BLUE. The entire team’s power, knowledge, and cooperation go into creating the Bucherer BLUE line.

Aiming for the sky is the primary objective of Bucherer BLUE, Sotheby’s, and Jacob & Co. The global highest craftsmanship and premium auction house, Sotheby’s, and the two renowned watch brands have teamed together in the spirit of adventure. Before it was put up for generous bidding in July, the watch was first launched into the unknown depths of space.

The two timepieces companies are known for their cutting-edge and stunning styles. The inaugural tri-axis tourbillon to depart the planet’s atmosphere was launched on the first confidentially funded, entirely private journey into space. It was given the title Jacob & Co. Astronomia Buchererer BLUE.

Bottom Line 

The genuinely exceptional and ground-breaking Astronomia Tourbillon raises the craft of watchmaking beyond the Earth and time. In order to produce a timepiece that serves as a poetic graphic representation of the cosmic universe, the top level of Swiss watchmaking expertise was combined with the horological ornamental arts. Each component of the piece is in continuous, viewable motion. Moreover, they are all operating under the regulation of the oscillation at the center of the triple-axis tourbillon of a planetary exhibit of the minutes and hours.

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