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30 pieces limited titanium Richard Mille RM 010 “Manchester City”

The head coach of Manchester City, F.C. Pep Guardiola, is smoking a victory cigar and celebrating having won the Premier League with his team. He was during the ceremony with the fans wearing a 30 pieces limited titanium Richard Mille RM 010 “Manchester City,” called so since it features the light blue colors of the team.

About the Watch

One of the first global hits for the company was the debut of RM 005 automated watch in 2004. However, times rapidly change, and thus by 2006, industry preferences had shifted to bigger casing sizes, resulting in the introduction of RM 010. Its dimensions were 48 mm x 39.30 mm x 13.84 mm, relative to the RM 005’s more subtle 37.8 mm x 45 mm x 11.45 mm. The gear train stayed mechanically the same, although the baseplate and bridges were skeletonized to a greater extent.

Minor alterations were also made, including the color of the gems used in specific sections and the piece’s waterproofness. RM 005 was the only non-diving RM watch to be water-resistant to 100 meters. However, the RM 010 has up to 50 meters of water resistance.

According to Richard Mille’s view, the RM 010 is the epitome of what a non-tourbillon timepiece ought to be. It also has a baseplate and bridges composed of 5-grade titanium, which is an alloy made up of 90% 5-grade titanium, 4% vanadium, and  6% aluminum. The aeronautics, aerospace, as well as automobile industries all, employ this similar material. It is coveted for its resistance to corrosion and strength.

The baseplate has been ‘ribbed,’ making it much lighter as possible while maintaining its sturdiness and flatness. It uses the same process employed in race car engine design; it is difficult to visualize that nearly 2 kilos of pressure are being held in control within the movement. The qualities created for these timepieces were the cornerstones of the technical concept that underpins almost all RM mechanical movements.

A variable-geometry rotor was also included in RM 010, which was designed to optimize the rotor’s winding action. This complexity showed the brand’s trademark meticulousness. The momentum of this complicated rotor, which is made up of numerous parts and three distinct materials, may be changed by either accelerating the winding process in the case of minimum hand and arm movements or slowing it down in the case of high-intensity sports. As a result, the winding system of the movement can be optimized and suited to the user’s lifestyle.  Most RM timepieces have so far been updated with new versions of the same concept.

In addition, Richard Mille RM 010 has an exposure caseback that reveals a 55-hour power reserve mechanical movement with customizable rotor geometry. A skeletonized dial with luminous hands and Arabic markings sits under the Richard Mille RM 10s glare-proof sapphire display. Dates, hours, minutes, and seconds are all available. A 24-hour indicator is included in certain limited editions, as well as the option of a diamond-paved or black DLC casing.

Price market: $200,000.00 USD
Photo: Getty Images

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