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Winnie Harlow Shines Brighter With Her Patek Philippe

Winnie Harlow sure knows how to make an entrance! At Michael Rubin's white party, she decided to take her fashion game to another level by adorning her wrist with a timepiece that's more dazzling than a disco ball on New Year's Eve. The lucky watch in question? The ladies Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 4947R in 18k rose gold with a silver dial.

Photo by: Winnie Harlow

Fashionistas and watch enthusiasts were left starstruck at Michael Rubin’s exclusive white party when the stunning Winnie Harlow made an entrance, bedazzling everyone with her choice of timepiece. The fabulous lady herself was donning the extraordinary Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 4947R in 18k rose gold, and boy, did she make time stop! Join us as we dive into the glitzy world of watches and marvel at the humorous wonders of this timepiece fit for a queen.

As Winnie Harlow gracefully strolled into the party, all eyes were on her wrist, which sported a watch that was more precious than a pirate’s treasure. The Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 4947R boasts an 18k rose gold case embellished with jaw-dropping 141 brilliant-cut diamonds. Yes, you read that right—141 diamonds! If you’re having trouble envisioning that many diamonds, just imagine a disco ball had a baby with a royal crown. Now that’s what I call wrist candy!


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Not content with merely adorning the case, Patek Philippe took it up a notch by bedazzling the crown as well. Fourteen brilliant-cut diamonds gracefully hug the crown, ensuring that every time Winnie adjusts the time, a mini fireworks display sparkles and lights up the room. It’s as if her watch is saying, “Move over, tiaras, because diamonds are a watch’s best friend!”

As if the breathtaking diamonds weren’t enough, the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 4947R comes with a shiny violine alligator strap with square scales. Trust me, this isn’t your ordinary strap; it’s fit for a queen. It’s as if the alligator whispered to the watchmaker, “Give me some shine too, please!” And boy, did they deliver! Who knew alligators were such fashion connoisseurs?

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “How much does it cost to wear a timepiece worthy of a red carpet-event?” Well, hold onto your wallets because this beauty comes with a retail price of a whopping $59,100.00. Yep, you read that correctly. It’s a small price to pay for a watch that can make even time itself jealous. Plus, think of all the money you’ll save on fireworks shows—just let your wrist do the talking!


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Winnie Harlow sure knows how to make an entrance, and with the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 4947R, she took it to a whole new level. This diamond-studded masterpiece, with its 141 brilliant-cut diamonds, a crown fit for a queen, and a shiny violine alligator strap, is a true testament to the wonders of watchmaking. So, if you’re ever in the market for a timepiece that can turn heads and stop time itself, look no further than Patek Philippe’s Annual Calendar 4947R. Just be prepared to sparkle brighter than a disco ball at midnight, and maybe bring a pair of sunglasses along for the ride!

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