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Unique Horological Creation by CODE41

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In addition to making use of modern technology to create a community via a series detailing the history of the company since its founding, CODE41 is also renowned for its efforts on the concepts of transparent pricing and the source of watch parts. With the introduction of the Mecascape, an “unidentified watch object,” or more precisely, an unusual one, the Swiss company is now beginning a brand-new phase. This manual watch/clock defies some crafting conventions while adhering to others and resembles a bank card instead of a mechanical timepiece.

CODE41 Background

Claudio D’Amore established CODE41, an autonomous Swiss watch company with headquarters in Lausanne, in 2016 with the mission of democratizing the manufacturing craft. CODE41 thus becomes the very first community-based manual watch company. Moreover, it has always taken on the task of including society in all phases of project development while ensuring complete openness on the source of the parts and the costs of its clock variants and accessories. With the help of two production movements, its 28-person group has produced six watch lines. They include ANOMALY01 & ANOMALY02, X41, DAY41, ANOMALY Evolution, ANOMALY-T4, and NB24.



In cooperation with a society of 57,000 participants, the CODE41 initiative developed the very first mechanical timepiece from March to October 2016. TTO, an abbreviation for Total Transparency on Origin, represents a new and unique designation in the market that has enormous significance and was started by CODE41. It also marked the first period when a watch was created completely transparently. By December 22nd, 2016, Phase 1 was completed thanks to a crowdsourcing effort that generated 543,150 CHF.

However, 2022 marks the beginning of Mecascape, an innovative, exceptional, and unheard-of program. Following 12 years of conceptual research and five years of technological and artistic refinement, Claudio D’Amore’s design for a novel watch finally comes to fruition, ushering in a new category of “time objects.”

The First Mecascape

Sublimation 1, a brand-new mechanical timepieces item from CODE41, represents the first “Mecascape,” a combination of the words “mechanical” and “landscape.” It exceeds conventional dimensions to show a fresh take on time, area, volume, as well as light in architecture. People also refer to it as an objet d’art alongside the most contemporary-looking pocket watch.

On the other hand, Mecascape is typically not a clock, pocket watch, or wristwatch. Rather, it represents the beginning of a brand-new watch class and gets to the heart of time passing.



As opposed to popular belief, the Mecascape does not include the expansion of a timepiece or the contraction of a clock. It is first and primarily a space that creates a new kind of artistic control in watchmaking, a fresh, unique, and hitherto unexplored room for creativity, in addition to accuracy and innovation.

Mecascape Design 

The Mecascape Sublimation 1 is a novel structural integration of time, space, and light that was created by cutting Grade 5 titanium. Its objective is to honor its origins as a Swiss company in order to push the boundaries further and eventually create something genuinely unique. It was also designed to understand history in order to reimagine it effectively. It talks of shape and space with the same ease with which it speaks of motion and accuracy. All these worlds are home to the Mecascape.

Its laid-back, disassembled design provides a unique perspective on the time-tracking mechanisms that manipulate visual volumes whilst maintaining balance and a sense of natural equilibrium. Its distinctiveness, the invention of its flat movement, and its purpose have all been given whole new technological considerations.


Mecascape Timepiece


The Mecascape is the result of a brand-new kind of artistic activity in which technicians are totally in control of architecture. Time is simply one component, liberating it from forms, sizes, and proportions. With the development of the Mecascape, CODE41 conceives of a new mechanical item form that reflects and goes beyond conventional spatial quantities.

As a result, a novel “time object” has been developed by CODE41 together with its creator Claudio D’Amore and is the outcome of a unique vision and a love for alternative watchmaking. However, this new classification, known as “Mecascapes,” is unheard of in the world of conventional craftsmanship.

The method used to create this initial Mecascape is primarily subjective. In contrast to a timepiece or clock, in which the mechanisms are quite compact, the watch object becomes a new shape and displays itself with far more depth and room. The Golden Ratio of 1.618, as well as the Fibonacci pattern, were used in the conception and layout of this Mecascape, which is aesthetically harmonious, dynamic, modern, and both artistically and geometrically pleasing. Besides, it is because of the balance and innate elegance of its perfect dimensions, which result from the algorithms over which CODE41 built its structure.

Technical Features

Its parts, form, movement, and external resonate among themselves in the sense of great seeming simplicity, and the structure is outstanding for its graphical strength and distinctiveness. The manual device is slim, about 7 millimeters wide (for comparison, an AP Royal Oak Extra-Thin is 8 millimeters thick), and it may be easily tucked into a coat pocket and carried around. Its horizontal form resembles a miniature timeless technical artwork in its simplicity of design and execution. This enables it to be set up on a desk or pieces of furniture, allowing one to contemplate it and view time in a new light while still staying relatively modern. Moreover, telling the time is still quite simple and obvious even if the intricate mechanical art, including the balancer, the barrel, the escapement, and every single gear, is much more plainly evident.



The Mecascape Sublimation 1 is crafted of 5th-grade titanium and spans 10.8 centimeters by 7.1 centimeters (4.25 inches by 2.8 inches). It is driven by a self-winding mechanical movement that’s also entirely Swiss-made. When completely winded, the 237-part movement has a power reserve of eight days and strikes at a rate of 28,800 vph. This amazing work of art also displays the time in hours, minutes, and seconds, as well as a second of local time. Besides, the Mecascape Sublimation 1 has an overall width of 8.1 millimeters.

The dial has a second-time area with a simulation of a globe map in the center of the GMT plate, an hour-timer, a minute register, and a seconds subdial. It also includes a power reserve display at the front featuring a green indicator, all arranged from left to right.

The Mecascape may be wound manually and the time adjusted with two little chamfered crowns on either side that are discreetly incorporated into the shape. On the other hand, a tiny push key on edge controls the date.

Typically, the Mecascape Sublimation 1’s whole exterior is shielded by an anti-reflective sapphire crystal. However, its sturdy 5th-grade titanium case back assures a sturdy design appropriate for daily use and guards against any potential casing middle breaking. A small porthole-style aperture in sapphire crystal allows you to see the movement’s cogs and a portion of the disc. Due to the metallic support built into the Mecascape’s robust rear, it may also be positioned vertically on a desk or pieces of furniture and perhaps even set on a table or naturally laid back.

Mecascape Release Details 

The Mecascape has produced a series of remarkable technical obstacles which had to be overcome. This begins with its unparalleled sizes, the complicated measurement of the devices, and its architectural integrity. It was made possible by CODE41’s partnership with the Cercle des Horlogers, an individual Swiss watchmaking factory found in the Canton of Neuchâtel, midway between Neuchâtel and La Chaux-de-Fond.

In addition, this first Mecascape is bound and determined to be reduced in a plethora of color varieties, focused mostly on the display components. Hence, it highlights its architecture, features, lines, and contours and provides lovely contrasts to the wristwatch in general. It also features an inventive visual style that evokes a power that talks to enthusiasts of high-end, unique, and exclusive items.

Furthermore, Mecascape comprises two different accessories. The first is the metallic stand, which enables the Mecascape to be placed vertically on a furniture item or a desk. The other is a traveling case composed of premium Italian leather covered with microfiber, enabling the user to carry the Mecascape securely. It also features a tiny cut-out to hold a credit card or business card stylishly.

In general, black, anodized blue, and silver are the 3 colors offered for the CODE41 Mecascape Sublimation 1.

Final Thought 

Overall, Mecascape is not a watch and is neither a clock nor a pocket watch in the traditional sense. Rather, it is a contemporary piece of time-telling artistry that can be carried in a pocket or placed on a table. Besides, it firmly establishes itself at the nexus of form and purpose. Thus, it is undoubtedly ideal for timepieces lovers and mechanical design enthusiasts who already possess everything their wrists can hold. It is also for people who desire something truly innovative and unlike something else currently available in the field of horology.



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