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Tyrese Maxey’s Wearing His De Bethune

Tyrese Maxey's Cosmic Chat at Advertising Week NY Wearing His De_Bethune Watch

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Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your seats because Advertising Week NY just got a cosmic twist!  Tyrese Maxey, the basketball maestro and New Balance’s Head of Global Basketball Marketing, graces the stage with his charismatic presence, and to top it off, he’s flaunting a watch that could give you a tour of the galaxy. Oh, and let’s not forget, the whole show was moderated by the brilliant KLUTCH Sports Group COO. Buckle up, folks!

Our star of the show, Tyrese Maxey, was rocking his De Dethune DB28 Skybridge in titanium. But this wasn’t just any wristwatch; this was a timepiece that would make the Hubble Space Telescope blush. The watch’s dial was made of blue titanium, and boy, did it shimmer! It was like having a chunk of the night sky right on your wrist. Who needs stargazing when you’ve got Tyrese’s watch?


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Now, let’s talk about those hour markers. Instead of boring numbers, the watch had polished titanium balls. I mean, who needs numerals when you can have spherical markers? It’s like telling time in cosmic style! But that’s not all; there were even diamonds on the dial. Yes, diamonds, because telling time isn’t glamorous enough without a bit of bling.

Now, the pièce de résistance was the “spaceship” design element. Yes, you read that right. This watch had a large conical thingamajig on it that made it look like you could embark on a journey to a galaxy far, far away. Maybe Tyrese was planning a quick trip to Mars after the chat? We can’t be sure, but if he did, we’d all want a ticket on that rocket!

But wait, it gets even more otherworldly. At the base of this celestial “spaceship,” there was a small orb. And what did that orb do? It functioned as a moon phase display. Forget gazing at the moon in the night sky; you could just glance at your wrist and know what phase the moon was in. Talk about a handy feature for interstellar travelers!

Now, let’s get back to the chat. Tyrese Maxey was discussing marketing, and you know he was probably giving away cosmic secrets on how to make sneakers sell like hotcakes on Mars. The chat was so amazing that we wouldn’t be surprised if the watch spontaneously launched itself into space to join Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster.


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In a world of marketing, basketball, and the cosmos, Tyrese Maxey’s cosmic chat at Advertising Week NY was nothing short of out-of-this-world entertainment. Who knew a watch could steal the spotlight from marketing strategies and slam dunks? Kudos to Tyrese for taking us on a moon-ificent journey with his celestial watch, and for making us dream of the stars, even while grounded on Earth!

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