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Travis Scott Dazzling Jacob and Co Brilliant Full Baguette Rainbow

Oh, you won't believe the spectacle that went down earlier this year when @travisscott got his hands on the eye-popping @jacobandco Brilliant Full Baguette Rainbow timepiece! It's like he decided to become a walking treasure chest, showcasing 434 multi-colored sapphires in one watch!

Photo by: Jacob and Co

Hey there, fellow luxury enthusiasts! Today, we’re taking a wild ride back in time to relive a special moment. We all know Travis Scott, the rapper, who never fails to amaze us with his music and fashion choices. But hold on tight, because this time he went above and beyond with a purchase that left us speechless – the dazzling Jacob and Co. Brilliant Full Baguette Rainbow!

A 44 mm rose gold case that is practically dripping with extravagance, all thanks to the setting of 226 baguette multi-colored sapphires. Now, I’m no math whiz, but that’s a whole lot of sapphires! We can only imagine that whoever set these stones must have possessed the patience of a saint. Maybe they spent weeks meditating to attain the perfect Zen-like state, carefully placing each sapphire with the precision of a neurosurgeon. Or maybe, just maybe, they enlisted the help of a magician to work their sorcery and make the gems align effortlessly. Who knows?


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If you thought the case was a sight to behold, wait till you hear about the dial – another masterpiece invisibly set with 187 baguette multi-colored sapphires. Are you keeping count? Because I’ve already lost track! It’s like Travis took a bucketful of gemstones and splashed them onto the dial, and the result was pure magic. Can you imagine checking the time on this watch and getting lost in a kaleidoscope of colors? Punctuality might become a thing of the past; who cares about time when you have a gemstone wonderland on your wrist?

But Travis didn’t stop there; oh no, he went all out with the bracelet and tang buckle of the alligator strap, decked out with 21 more multi-colored sapphires. At this point, we can only assume he was trying to create a personal theme park of gemstones – call it “Travis’s Gemtastic World” – because that’s the only logical explanation for such extravagance. I mean, why settle for just one color when you can have the entire rainbow wrapped around your wrist?

Now, some of you might be wondering if Travis is secretly an ambassador for Sapphire mining companies. Could he be the reason behind a sudden surge in sapphire sales? Who knows? But one thing is for sure – Travis Scott knows how to make a statement. With this watch, he’s essentially saying, “I’ve got money, style, and a flair for the fabulous that can’t be beaten!”


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As we bid adieu to this throwback moment, let’s take a moment to appreciate the audacity and brilliance (literally) of Travis Scott’s mesmerizing timepiece. It’s a reminder that sometimes, life is about going all out and indulging in the most extravagant things, even if it means having a gemstone-studded alligator hugging your wrist.

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