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Top 5 Best Watch Books About Rolex

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Every watch aficionado should have a library of books about watches. These could serve as coffee tables or attractive interior details for your room’s bookcase. However, they could also be enjoyable to read and supply you with a wealth of insightful and useful knowledge.

Beginning with books exclusively on Rolex timepieces is a brilliant idea, especially if you’re a fan of the brand. So here are some of the books wholly devoted to and focus mainly on the Rolex wristwatches:

  1. Rolex Watches – The Ultimate Guide

This Rolex book is intended to provide a thorough introduction to the realm of Rolex, covering everything from the label’s ancient past and the company’s establishment to the present. It also contains dozens of breathtaking images of Rolex pieces, from uncommon and collectible clocks to more mainstream contemporary watches.



In addition to delving deeply into the background of Rolex, it closely examines various variants and talks about obscure details. Furthermore, it serves as a resource manual for a wide range of topics, including uncommon dials and manufacturing years. Both as a coffee table book and a reference guide, you will benefit from its mixture of lovely photography and in-depth content.

  1. Vintage Rolex: The Largest Collection in the World

The Vintage Watch Company (among the world’s most well-known and reputable vintage timepiece retailers) is the author of this Vintage Rolex book. This book explores a number of the unique Rolex watches in history and includes over 1800 Rolex pieces. Also, about 760 color pictures are included.



Although it makes a beautiful coffee table book, whatever is under it is far more fascinating. While some could say that it might have been wonderful to have a little more comprehensive detail on every watch, the top-quality, stunning images are truly the book’s best feature. Besides, they provide a perfect perspective of many antique Rolex versions.

In addition, the book includes a wide variety of timepieces, including original Rolex pocket pieces, the very first timepieces ever made. It also has numerous additional wristwatches from later in Rolex’s existence, including initial Daytonas and Submariners.

  1. Rolex Daytona Self-Winding Hardcover

Mondani, one of the most prominent Rolex publishers, is the author of this book. It has 320 pages covering the Self-winding Daytona chronology beginning in 1988 with the model 16520 and delves in-depth into various dial variants and revisions. It is entirely devoted to the Self-winding Daytona variants.

Typically, this is a handy tool for individuals who would like to learn everything about Daytona and discover obscure facts that are hard to uncover elsewhere. Additionally, it provides a thorough understanding of the technological characteristics of all Daytona timepiece components and their variations. The details can include movements, bezels, dials, case backs, subdials, indexes, markers, as well as pushers. Moreover, the book focuses especially on dial and bezel differences because they often occur all year long and have an impact on collectibility.

Lastly, it discusses contemporary Rolex Daytona timepieces and the ceramic Daytona, among others. It also has extensive details on the alphanumeric characters imprinted on the bracelet fastenings as well as a catalog of the dials that may be attached to every reference, which is an additional useful function.

  1. The Best of Time: Rolex Wristwatches

Perhaps one of the most well-known and comprehensive books regarding Rolex timepieces is this one. This book has 392 exquisite photographs, together with a thorough history of the Rolex company and its pieces.

Both market valuations and a wealth of interesting facts for enthusiasts are covered. So if you truly desire to dive into the minutiae, this book is an excellent choice because it concentrates only on old Rolex wristwatches.

  1. The Book of Rolex

Among fans of Rolex watches, this book is regarded as essential. It details odd timepieces that you might have never seen before, unique special editions, and classic Rolex variants. Also, it covers how to recognize a counterfeit Rolex and detailed information on the components, manufacturing method, and production of a Rolex timepiece.



Additionally, every model’s design, background, and intended use are covered. Hence, it serves as a wonderful coffee table book in addition to being a valuable informational tool.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Book on Rolex Wristwatches

Generally, choosing the best book isn’t as difficult as selecting a Rolex timepiece. However, these are some of the guidelines you should have in mind:

  • The author

Different publications have writing styles that vary. Some only skim the surface and were published by authors who lacked the necessary knowledge and experience to go into detail. Others, crafted by highly respected authors with extensive knowledge of Rolex timepieces, will instruct you in matters you couldn’t learn elsewhere.

Therefore, you should seek out publications published by well-known and reputable people who are recognized for having extensive knowledge of Rolex wristwatches.

  • Check the reviews

Usually, you may get ratings and reviews of books online. This might be an excellent technique to evaluate the quality and discover details about the specific subject matter of a book.

  • Consider the things you wish to learn

Pick a Rolex book dedicated to the subject you want to know more about. For instance, certain books tell you everything you want to understand about the field of vintage Rolex timepieces. Others might concentrate on a particular model and discuss the details in-depth. Thus, it may be helpful to specify your exact objectives.

  • A book to read or just a coffee table decoration?

A coffee table book is intended to serve as home décor and as a book one can read. Therefore, it needs to have a great outer design and contain a lot of images. Rolex books can be densely filled with information and intended to be very instructive. However, they can also be somewhat inspiring and are ideally used as coffee table books.



There is a book involving timepieces for everybody, including watchmakers, enthusiasts, conservators, and people just getting started. Also, there are tons of books on wristwatches, small and huge, modern and old, packed with texts and images.  However, these five books are among the most common ones you should consider.

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