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Tony Montana – Omega “La Magique”

Tony Montana WatchIn the iconic movie Scarface from 1984, Tony Montana (played by legendary actor Al Pacino) wore a very unique and today discontinued 28mm quartz Omega “La Magique” limited to only 261 pieces worldwide. The watch was released one year before the movies premiere.

The “La Magique” is an 18k yellow gold timepiece, with sapphire crystal, and a gold chain bracelet.

The watch is sometimes called “The Phantom” because of its transparent dial, which creates the effect of the watch’s hands floating over the wearer’s skin, hence the name “La Magique”

Auction price: $7,000.00 USD but big price variations
Watch reference: BA191.8523Z

The watch is available to purchase at: www.omega.com
Due to frequent store inventory changes, an item’s availability cannot be guaranteed.

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