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Tom Cruise – Rolex Sky-Dweller in oystersteel and white gold featuring a bright black dial

Actor and producer Tom Cruise was recently in London spotted with a 42 mm Rolex Sky-Dweller in oystersteel and white gold featuring a bright black dial on an oyster bracelet.

The characteristics of the Sky-Dweller are the second time zone display on an off-center disc on the dial and its setting system, which uses the rotatable ring command bezel. This is a unique function for a Rolex.

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While the GMT-Master was designed for pilots, Rolex’s Sky-Dweller was created for global travelers. Rolex had the remarkable chance to develop the Sky-Dweller beyond consideration for historical background or legacy design linkages. As a result, it produced something wholly fresh and distinctive for the company.

The outcome was a 42mm wristwatch with a whole new aesthetic appeal, amazing new features, and a commanding attitude. Even though the dual time zone was as simple to operate as it was obvious, the Sky-Dweller’s complicated dial surprised the globe at the time. 

The Sky-Dweller has undergone some improvements over its brief existence. It is still in the first phase; thus, Rolex is still making history with this model. However, one of Rolex’s most current intricate timepieces was unveiled in 2012; the Rolex Sky-Dweller in oystersteel. 

The most sophisticated calendar feature seen in this Rolex Sky-Dweller watch is a yearly calendar. They can automatically (and mysteriously) make up for those months containing 30 and 31 days even if they don’t acknowledge leap years. Since this is the case, yearly calendars only require manual adjusting once each year, during the close of February.

The 3-hour indicator on the Sky-Dweller shows the user the date below a cyclops lens, as is customary for the label. However, the month is distinguished distinctively by indicating a tint in a tiny hole above every hour index for the associated month. For example, January is at 1 o’clock, while February is at 2 o’clock.

The Sky-fluted Dweller’s bezel, often called the “Ring Command” bezel, enables the user to choose whichever feature to set up. By turning the winding crown, the user can adjust the month and date, referencing time and local time according to where the bezel is located. 

The Caliber 9001, which was developed especially for this timepiece, is what first distinguishes it from other pieces. It is an automated movement with COSC certification that features 28,800 vibrations per hour as well as a 72-hour power reserve. A blue Parachrom hairspring that can withstand electromagnetic fields and changes in temperature offers the highest level of accuracy in telling the time. 

Additionally, the caliber 9001 is equipped with Paraflex stress absorbers to ensure the escapement travels smoothly. The Rolex cal. 9001’s stunning yearly calendar, useful GMT feature, and integration with the bezel are, however, what truly stand out.

This watch’s fantastic GMT capability enables the owner to monitor two separate time zones simultaneously, making it a great choice for regular travelers. Furthermore, the complexity is so extensive that it can be accessed with merely the classy and attractive Ring Command bezel, which is directly connected to the caliber 9001 movement.

Price market: $26,000.00 USD

Watch reference: 326934-0005

Photo: Getty Images

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