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TAG Heuer Unveils Captivating Monaco Skeleton Dial Watches

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer has introduced three captivating additions to their renowned Monaco collection: the Monaco skeleton dial watches. These timepieces combine avant-garde design, vibrant colors, and innovative features to create a truly unique and eye-catching collection.

To celebrate the esteemed 2023 Monaco Grand Prix, TAG Heuer went above and beyond by unveiling these mesmerizing chronograph watches. The incorporation of skeleton dials is a first for the Monaco collection, allowing the inner workings of the timepieces to be showcased in all their glory.

The collection comprises three distinct models, each with its own story and inspiration. The “Original Blue” model pays tribute to the inaugural Monaco with its striking blue dial, accentuated by hints of red. This design echoes the success of the original 1969 Monaco, exuding a sense of nostalgia and heritage.

For racing enthusiasts, the “Racing Red” model captures the essence of motorsports with its dynamic black, silver, and red color scheme. The dial features captivating details, including a red column wheel and engravings on the oscillating mass, creating a distinct racing-inspired aesthetic.

The “Turquoise” piece adds a fresh and avant-garde twist to the Monaco design. Its vibrant turquoise dial, reminiscent of Monaco’s coastal beauty, is complemented by red accents. This watch truly stands out as a unique and visually striking timepiece.


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Underneath the surface, these watches are powered by the in-house Heuer 02 movement, known for its reliability and precision. The movement boasts an 80-hour power reserve and employs a conventional column wheel, ensuring optimal performance. The exquisite finishing of the Heuer 02 movement is further accentuated by the engraved oscillating mass visible through the sapphire case back.

The sandblasted titanium grade 2 case adds a rugged and technical touch to the collection. Titanium, renowned for its strength and lightweight properties, offers both durability and corrosion resistance, making it a fitting choice for these timepieces.


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Not to be overlooked, the Super-LumiNova® treatment applied to the indexes and hands enhances legibility in various lighting conditions, while the date window with the same luminous treatment provides added convenience.

The meticulous attention to detail extends to the bi-material straps, expertly crafted with a combination of rubber and leather. These straps, available in black or blue, offer both comfort and style, complementing the overall racing aesthetic of the watches.

In summary, the TAG Heuer Monaco skeleton dial watches are a captivating addition to the iconic Monaco collection. Their avant-garde design, innovative features, and vibrant colors make them a true testament to TAG Heuer’s commitment to pushing boundaries in watchmaking. These timepieces not only capture the essence of the Monaco Grand Prix but also embody the spirit of racing and craftsmanship in a truly exceptional way.

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