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TAG Heuer Sets Sail with the Stylish Return of the Skipper

Photo: TAG Heuer

Ahoy there, shipmates!

Get ready to set sail with TAG Heuer’s latest timepiece, as they make a triumphant return to the high seas with their all-new version of the classic sailing watch – the Skipper!

TAG Heuer has a rich history in sports timing, from racing cars to skiing, and even the Olympics. But it’s the world of high-level yachting that gave birth to one of their most beloved and distinctive chronographs – the iconic Skipper.

Back in the day, the Skipper was a must-have for both professional and amateur sailors. And now, after 40 years since its disappearance from the TAG Heuer catalog, the Skipper is making a grand comeback!

Photo: TAG Heuer

The new Skipper draws inspiration from the original model, which was born out of Jack Heuer’s involvement with the legendary America’s Cup yacht race. Its design is based on the recently-launched ‘glassbox’ Carrera, making it a stunning and practical sailing watch. With its bezel-free construction, curved flange dial, and perfectly placed chronograph counters, the Skipper offers superb legibility in all conditions – perfect for those nail-biting moments before the regatta begins!

But the fun doesn’t stop there. The new Skipper features a robust yet elegant 39mm diameter case, the latest TH20-06 movement with bi-directional winding, an impressive 80-hour power reserve, and a high-end, resistant textile strap. It’s a watch that’s technically up-to-date while paying homage to its roots.

Speaking of roots, let’s rewind to the mid-1940s when Abercrombie and Fitch commissioned Heuer to produce A & F-branded watches. This partnership eventually led to Heuer becoming the official timing partner of the America’s Cup boat ‘Intrepid’ – the vessel that defended the trophy against the challenger Dame Pattie. It was during this time that the Skipper was born, with its unique countdown timer and vibrant colors that represented various elements of the race.

The new Skipper stays true to its roots with its distinctive and colorful design. The circular brushed main dial in Carrera signature blue, the contrasting sub-dials in ‘Intrepid Teal’ and vibrant orange, and the triangle-shaped markers all pay homage to the original model. It’s a watch that stands out from the crowd and captures the spirit of the high seas.

Photo: TAG Heuer

Interest in the Skipper was reignited in 2017 when TAG Heuer collaborated with Hodinkee to produce a limited edition tribute watch. Since then, collectors have been clamoring for the original models, with some fetching astronomical prices at auctions. But fear not, fellow watch enthusiasts, because the new Carrera Skipper promises to be more attainable, becoming the flagship for a whole series of maritime models that will mark TAG Heuer’s return to the world of yachts and yachting.

So, prepare to embark on an exciting horological journey as TAG Heuer sets sail with the Carrera Skipper. Let the countdown begin, and may your time on the water be filled with style, precision, and a healthy dose of humor!

Ahoy, Captain Chrono!

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