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TAG Heuer Sets Sail with FlyingNikka: A Partnership Built for Speed and Innovation

Photo: TAG Heuer

Hey, folks! Have you heard about TAG Heuer’s new partnership with FlyingNikka, the world’s first full foiling offshore maxi yacht? This is one of the most exciting things to happen in the boating world in a long time. FlyingNikka is a futuristic, 19-meter-long racing yacht that’s turning heads all around the Mediterranean Sea. It’s one of the fastest vessels out there, and TAG Heuer is lucky enough to be partnering with them!

After TAG Heuer’s successful collaborations in the automotive world, it only makes sense to broaden their horizons and reconnect with other competitive high-end racing universes. And boy, does FlyingNikka provide a perfect opportunity for TAG Heuer to not only showcase its commitment to pushing technological boundaries, but also to demonstrate once again its pioneering role within the watch industry.

Photo: TAG Heuer

Ever since Switzerland’s very first sailing race in 1888, TAG Heuer has been an official timekeeper for some of the world’s most prestigious sailing events, including the America’s Cup. They’ve consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in sailing technology, working closely with sailing outfits, most notably Team Oracle. And now, with this new FlyingNikka partnership, TAG Heuer is back in the sailing industry, showing its dedication to innovation, performance, and a relentless pioneering spirit.

Photo: TAG Heuer

Now let’s talk about FlyingNikka. This yacht is the most complex, innovative, and exciting big yacht of the decade – a pure speed machine, a technological and engineering goliath, and a brave endeavor. It’s an evolved offshore version of the long AC75 sailing yacht, which featured in the latest edition of the America’s Cup. This new state-of-the-art yacht challenges the limits of where displacement sailing and foiling technology meet for monohull racing. Designed by renowned naval architect Mark Mills, FlyingNikka boasts cutting-edge design innovations and technology that enable it to achieve unprecedented performance on the water.

With a hull made of advanced carbon fiber composites, towering 3D composite sails, and advanced hydrofoils, the yacht is designed to fly over the water, achieving speeds of up to 40 knots. It also features an advanced electronic control system that allows the crew to make quick adjustments to optimize operation. Can you imagine how incredible that is? It’s like the yacht is almost alive, with a mind of its own, capable of incredible feats.

Photo: TAG Heuer

FlyingNikka’s lightweight carbon fiber wing sail is designed to generate maximum lift. At the same time, its hydrofoils mean that the craft can rise out of the water, thereby reducing drag and increasing speed. Meanwhile, the yacht’s electronic control system allows the craft to maintain its balance while maximizing speed.

And the icing on the cake? During the races, each team member will wear TAG Heuer-branded clothing and a TAG Heuer Aquaracer Solargraph watch. This timepiece represents the ultimate sporting performance and durability. The TAG Heuer logos will also be printed on FlyingNikka’s hull and sails, as part of the partnership.


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In conclusion, TAG Heuer’s partnership with FlyingNikka marks a new chapter in the brand’s long history of collaborations with innovative, boundary-pushing individuals and organizations. By joining forces with FlyingNikka, TAG Heuer is reaffirming its passion for sailing, commitment to innovation, performance, and its never-ending quest for the pioneering mindset. I can’t wait to see what this partnership will bring!

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