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Smartwatches Are Here To Stay

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In 2021, TAG Heuer debuted the Connected Bright Black Edition, a special version of the TAG Heuer Connected timepiece, for an exceptionally classy entry to the season. For this edition, the company’s creators chose the highest quality materials, including titanium and ceramic, and gave center stage to two complementary colors; black and gold.

Thus, the outcome is a fantastic, modern reimagining of the timepiece that incorporates fashion, elegant aesthetics, and technological effectiveness. On the other hand, this has contributed to TAG Heuer Connected’s enormous achievement since its introduction in 2015. Moreover, this smartwatch’s digital display has gotten special consideration. This implies that in addition to the new Eclipse dial, the TAG Heuer Connected Bright Black Edition also comes with updated variations of the company’s well-known timepiece faces.

  • Exquisite performance

The TAG Heuer Connected initially returned in line with the highest standards of watchmaking. It’s a special version featuring two wonderfully complementing colors: the concentration and deepness of black paired with the vivid gloss of gold highlights. It also has magnificent style as well as the best materials.

Additionally, an exquisite ceramic bezel, the smoothest leather for the band, a clear sapphire crystal, and novel golden inscriptions are all included with the piece. Hence, the outcome is a timepiece that is unquestionably opulent and boasts every technological feature that initially distinguishes this great smartwatch.


Photo. TAG Heuer


The second-grade titanium wristwatch casing for the TAG Heuer Connected Bright Black Edition was the first selection of the company designers. Besides, it was given a “Black Titanium” appearance. The effect is attained through Sandblasting as well as black diamond-like carbon (DLC) treatment, giving the watch a stunningly exquisite matt black polish. It was also put on the piece’s buckle with meticulous care to every last detail.

Furthermore, the watch’s black ceramic bezel, which has been mirror finished to create a stunning contrast with the micro-beaded casing, adds to its subtle beauty. The black DLC-treated pushers, crown, bezel graduations, and engravings also give the watch a refined and understated finish.


Photo: TAG Heuer


The TAG Heuer Connected Bright Black Edition is available with 3 new exquisite straps that can be easily switched out. These straps feature a squishy leather upper layer over a comfy rubber bottom. Besides, it comes in three sophisticated hues, including natural golden brown, sporty chic blue, as well as ageless black. As a result, users of this smartwatch have more alternatives to swiftly change the appearance of their piece based on the circumstances or their personal preferences.

As of September 22, 2021, the 3 additional colorways were added to the current TAG Heuer straps line. On the other hand, new bands are suitable for all the 3rd-generation TAG Heuer Connected timepieces.

  • Magnificent design and personalized features

Generally, the digital display of the TAG Heuer Connected Bright Black Edition has been improved with some attractive additional features to go along with its opulent appearance. The pristine Eclipse watch surface, developed in-house and offered for all TAG Heuer Connected pieces, also comes with the TAG Heuer Connected Bright Black Edition. However, for the limited edition, this innovative Eclipse dial is painted with a stunning golden hue to complement the striking case of the watch.


Photo: TAG Heuer


Besides the new dial, six of the iconic TAG Heuer Connected clock faces have also been updated to perfectly match the special edition colors. Examples of dials that have been stylishly redesigned with golden accents to establish the perfect combination with the device’s style include the Porsche, Classic, and Helios dials.

As a result, wearers of the TAG Heuer Connected Bright Black Edition will have a choice between a variety of perfectly complementary pairings. These consists of the previously unseen Eclipse along with Helios, Timekeeping, Synopsis, and Classic from the primary collection that have been modified to match the newest piece’s golden highlights. Additionally, it has Orbital and Heuer 02, which now provide complementing colors as part of their extensive range of customization alternatives.

Furthermore, the TAG Heuer Connected Bright Black Edition piece gives the aesthetic refinement of great craftsmanship without ever losing its technical capabilities. This is because of the high-quality components, flawless design, and opulent touches.

  • TAG Heuer Connected: the pioneer in high-end smartwatches

With the release of the TAG Heuer Connected (3rd generation), the company has solidified its leadership place in the prestige wristwatch market. Also, it is made in the finest crafting tradition with top-of-the-line elements and elegant finishing. Besides, it incorporates aesthetics and technical skills to provide a personalized, performance-focused wristwatch.

Exceptionally adaptable, the TAG Heuer Connected also seamlessly integrates into daily. It gives users access to a diverse range of connected systems through Wear OS by Google* and unrivaled sporting activities in the TAG Heuer Sport application.


Photo: TAG Heuer


Additionally, the in-house created TAG Heuer Sports software offers comprehensive information on the user’s performance in a number of sports, including walking, cycling, swimming, and fitness. Golf players will also value the TAG Heuer Golf application’s newest updates, enabling them to hone and enhance their gaming plan.

Ultimately, the additional wellness feature encourages owners to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It also informs them whenever their biometric information alters due to their everyday workout.

  • The Eclipse: the TAG Heuer Connected Watch novel watch face

Eclipse is a new timepiece face released by TAG Heuer, which expands the company’s diverse selection of dials. The Eclipse dial is only accessible to users of the 3rd generation of TAG Heuer Connected smartwatches and comes in four distinct colors with slight accents: blue, green, red, and turquoise.


Photo: TAG Heuer


The 7 TAG Heuer Connected clock faces are beautifully complemented by this new design, giving users countless aesthetic and customization options. Moreover, the Eclipse watch face, offered in a silver hue for the TAG Heuer Connected core line, is exclusively designed in a gold shade for this TAG Heuer Connected Bright Black Edition.


Bottom Line 

Overall, the TAG Heuer Connected Bright Black Edition is a lovely special version of TAG Heuer’s smartwatch that is made from the best materials and integrates the classic refinement of black and gold flair. It’s also a timepiece with a distinctive appearance and an excitingly updated digital interface.


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