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Shameik Moore With Jacob & Co.’s Epic SF24 Titanium Timepiece

Shameik Moore With Jacob & Co.'s Epic SF24 Titanium Timepiece

Photo by: Shameik Moore

Hey, watch enthusiasts and time travelers gather around because Shameik Moore just elevated the game with his latest accessory choice! The man is not just making moves in Hollywood; he’s also making time moves with the limited edition Jacob & Co. Epic SF24 Grade 5 Titanium Timepiece. Move over to Marty McFly; there’s a new time-traveling icon in town!

Shameik Moore struts down the red carpet, looking as sharp as a tack, but what catches everyone’s eye is not his killer smile or dapper suit—it’s the wrist candy that’s turning heads faster than a clock’s minute hand. He’s sporting the 101-piece limited edition 45mm Jacob & Co. Epic SF24 Grade 5 Titanium, and let me tell you, it’s a horological masterpiece.


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This watch is not your typical wristwatch; rather, it is a timepiece wizard, a wrist-mounted DeLorean, if you will. The anthracite opaline Roman dial is as sophisticated as it sounds, giving off serious “I’m not just on time, I’m fashionably early” vibes. But wait, there’s more—it comes with both digital and vertical GMT displays. Now, Shameik can keep track of time in the real world and the upside-down world (Stranger Things, anyone?).

The functions of this watch read like a menu at a futuristic time-themed restaurant: hours, minutes, seconds, and an instantaneous 24-hour world time indication. I mean, who needs a sundial when you can have Shameik Moore’s wrist do the job?

It’s like Jacob & Co. peeked into a time capsule and brought the future back to the present. Shameik didn’t just choose a watch; he chose a time-traveling sidekick that fits snugly around his wrist. And let’s be real: when you’re navigating the unpredictable waters of Hollywood, having control over time is a superpower in itself.

Imagine Shameik using his wristwatch to negotiate movie deals: “Give me 24 hours to think about it, but let me check the time in Tokyo first.” Genius, right?

In a world where everyone’s trying to be fashion-forward, Shameik Moore just became time-forward. The man isn’t just telling time; he’s telling time who’s boss. So, if you want to up your game and join the ranks of the chronologically elite, take a page from Shameik’s book and invest in a timepiece that doesn’t just keep time; it conquers it.


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In conclusion, Shameik Moore isn’t just wearing a watch; he’s wearing the future on his wrist. And if time is money, then consider Shameik Moore the Bill Gates of the horological universe. Keep ticking, Shameik; the world is watching, and so is your Epic SF24 Grade 5 Titanium. Tick-tock!

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