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Sfera Ebbasta’s Richard Mille 011 Felipe Massa


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In a world where fashion faux pas and horological humblebrags collide, Italian rapper Sfera Ebbasta has emerged as the unintentional comedian of luxury wristwear. The rapper, decked out in the crùme de la crùme of timepieces, sporting none other than the discontinued 40 mm Richard Mille 011 Felipe Massa. Yes, you read that right—discontinued! It’s like showing up at a party in a vintage outfit and casually mentioning it was last available when people still used MySpace.

The Richard Mille 011 Felipe Massa isn’t just any watch; it’s the kind of watch that would make even the most stoic of Swiss watchmakers crack a smile. Crafted with a black-gray titanium case that probably costs more than most people’s cars, this watch is tougher than a two-dollar steak and half as common. It features a skeleton dial that lets you peer right into its intricate workings, like looking under the hood of a sports car or into the depths of your neglected email inbox on a Monday morning.


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What really sets this watch apart, though, is its flyback chronograph movement. Not sure what a flyback chronograph is? Imagine being able to reset your stopwatch without stopping it, kind of like trying to say “I’m sorry” to your partner without admitting you were wrong. It’s that kind of functionality that makes you nod and mutter, “neat,” even if you have no idea why it’s useful.

And let’s not overlook the black rubber strap, which is the horological equivalent of wearing sneakers with a suit. It says, “I want to be formal, but I’m here to party too.” It’s the kind of strap that stays snug on your wrist, whether you’re waving your hands at a concert or flailing around trying to grab the last slice of pizza.

Now, wearing a discontinued model like this one has its perks. For starters, it’s a great conversation starter. You can almost hear Sfera Ebbasta now, leaning over at a dinner party and whispering, “You can’t buy this anymore,” followed by an air of mystery thick enough to slice with a knife. It’s both a humble brag and a not-so-subtle reminder that sometimes, the best things in life aren’t available on Amazon.


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In conclusion, while the rest of us check the time on our phones or wear watches that merely tell time, Sfera Ebbasta’s wrist game remains a humorous blend of luxury, exclusivity, and a touch of “you had to be there” humor. It’s a timely reminder that in the rap game, as in life, timing is everything—especially when your watch is a collector’s item that tells more than just the time.

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