Sergio “Checo” Pérez wins the 79th Monaco Grand Prix with a TAG Heuer Carrera on his wrist

Photo: Eric Alonso

Sergio Pérez historical first win at the Monaco Circuit, perfectly brings a successful weekend of racing to a close. A high note for the Oracle Red Bull Racing Team, as well as for its longstanding partner and emblematic figure of racing in the Principality, TAG Heuer.

As Official Watch of the Monaco Grand Prix since 2011, TAG Heuer was honored to be back in the Principality to celebrate the legendary race and highlight of the Formula 1 season.

“We are incredibly proud of Checo Pérez’s tremendous victory today on the challenging Monaco racetrack. He demonstrated true grit to battle through the conditions – and more than ever he embodies the TAG Heuer motto, “Don’t Crack Under Pressure”. With a bespoke TAG Heuer Carrera on the wrist, Checo gave a brilliant demonstration of skill and precision today, we congratulate him warmly and we are honored to share this incredible moment alongside our partner the Oracle Red Bull Racing”

A good-luck TAG Heuer Carrera on the wrist

Just a few months ago, to mark the 2021 Mexico City Grand Prix, TAG Heuer released Special Edition of its iconic TAG Heuer Carrera tourbillon chronograph and produced a unique version especially with Sergio Pérez, the TAG Heuer Carrera Tourbillon Sergio Perez Edition, of which only two pieces were produced. One is the driver’s personal watch and the second was auctioned to support the Checo Pérez Foundation. The bold and sophisticated 45-mm timepiece is made of high-performance and lightweight Grade 2 titanium, coated with DLC (diamond-like carbon), with a ceramic bezel for a full matte black aesthetic with elegant and subtle rose gold accents, a contemporary tribute to the famed racing chronograph designed by Jack Heuer in 1963.



Powered by the tourbillon manufacture movement Heuer 02T, this unique interpretation of the TAG Heuer Carrera showcases the brand’s most advanced watchmaking techniques, signature design codes and expert craftmanship.

The custom piece sports a special “SP” marking on the dial as well as his motto “Never Give Up” engraved on the case back. Symbolically the sapphire crystal case back also features the date of the 2021 Mexican Grand Prix, Pérez’s home race, on 07.11.21, where he achieved a podium finish. The special TAG Heuer timepiece seems to have been many times this season, and exceptionally today in Monaco, a good luck token for the impressive driver, which will accompany him to many more successes to come.



This historic victory brings fresh energy and excitement to the TAG Heuer Carrera collection and reaffirms once again the brand’s longstanding friendship with Monaco and the Formula 1 Grand Prix, as well as the Oracle Red Bull Racing Team of which TAG Heuer has been a partner since 2016.

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