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Salt Bae – Patek Philippe Nautilus reference 3800/108

Butcher and chef – Salt Bae is wearing his latest timepiece bought from Luxury Watches Stockholm: the extremely rare and only 5 pieces limited vintage Patek Philippe Nautilus reference 3800/108. The 37,5mm case and bracelet have been nearly fully set with pavé diamonds and feature a diamond dial with emerald markers at positions 6, 9, and 12.

About the Watch

In a world where substantial steel sports timepieces are the norm, a vintage sports watch like the 1985 Patek Philippe Nautilus 3800/108 is a unique and sophisticated piece. It’s not “ancient,” but neither is it “new.” It isn’t large, but it is not small either. This ultra-slim high-end Swiss sports timepiece is refined, understated, and expertly crafted. The Patek 3800 is the ideal watch for people who want to stand out as subtle and non-obtrusive.

The Patek Philippe Nautilus 3800/108 was designed as an elegant, mid-size Patek Philippe Nautilus. It’s a timepiece for Patek fans who prefer the size of Patek’s dress pieces yet want something much sporty. The Nautilus 3800 is thus ideal for this situation. With its white stainless steel case, diamond dial, and slim hands, it exudes a wonderfully upmarket temperament suitable for each day and every event.

From the casing to the clasp, the Patek Philippe 3800/108 was made with the same high degree of metallurgy. As you’d expect from Patek Philippe, it’s exceptional quality and craftsmanship. The watch faces are alternately cleaned and high-polished, giving it the appearance of a valuable stone sparkling with contrast.

The bezel, clasp, and casing, as well as the flank of the bracelet, are all superbly created in the Patek Philippe tradition. The original high-quality artistry has been wholly conserved in this specific model. There are no dents or scratches, so it is in as good a shape as when it was first taken out of the package.

In addition, the steel alloy used in the early Nautilus timepiece is an intriguing detail. Nickel-chrome-molybdenum is used to make it. This steel alloy was at the top rank at its launch. It’s designed to handle exceptionally high and low temperatures, as well as pressure, and has exceptional corrosion resistance. During World War II, the alloy was employed solely in constructing tanks. This was because of its lightweight and defensive characteristics. Hence, alloy easily outperforms any normal steel available at the time.

The casing of the Patek Philippe Nautilus is 37.5mm in width. The other criteria to consider range from 7 o’clock to 2 o’clock across the casing, the size is about 35.5mm; lug to lug, the dimension is 39mm; and across the wrist, the measurement is 42mm from the hard-line protrusion of the band. Because of the monoblock design and thin inside movement, the Nautilus 3800/108 is beautifully slim in terms of height. It has a thickness of 7.5mm.

The current reference combines the dichotomy of technology and refinement by combining the characteristic rounded-angle shapes of the Nautilus with a highly-jeweled appearance. This timepiece, set with 220 diamonds totaling 7.01 carats, gives a unique chance to own an exceedingly uncommon version of the Patek Philippe Nautilus 3800/108.

Price tag: $420,000.00 USD

Photo: Nusret Salt Bae

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