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Rumoe x Superwatchman x Splendore Unique Collaboration 

Photo: Rumoe

One amazing thing about the Superwatchman x Rumoe x Splendore Unique partnership is that they all profoundly adore distinctive watches.

Rumoe was established in Stockholm as an online artistic retailer. Everything they create is built on authentic artisan skills, creativity, and a dedication to perfection. Furthermore, anything surrounding the brand has a distinctive personality because of its uniqueness and authenticity.

The legacy of Sweden played a significant role in the development of the Nobel Royal line. Hence, it is displayed on the watch’s exquisitely carved caseback, which features a creative pattern of Stockholm’s ancient buildings.

Generally, being a resident of Sweden puts you acclimated to a top standard, so you constantly anticipate everything in the community to run like a wheel. The phrases “excellence,” “quality,” and “beauty” are typical to the Sweden people and were evident aspects as the Nobel Royal was established. Besides, the longstanding tradition of peace, interest in the outside world, and love of innovations lives on and is honored annually with the Nobel Award.

In addition to paying homage to the Swedish royalty, Alfred Nobel, one of history’s greatest architects, is honored with the moniker Nobel Royal. He was and continues to be one of the greatest sources of modern-day pride and a fantastic representative of invention and Swedish brilliance.

Rumoe Watches

Where does Rumoe get their innate motivation from? Well, it’s a logical imitative of the lengthy and illustrious history of timepieces. The idea of a timepiece is considered extremely interesting, just as intriguing as the real path that led to it.

The development of the watches, from an aesthetic symbol for ladies during the early seventeenth century to a crucial weapon in times of conflict in the 18th and 19th centuries, is nothing less than amazing. In short, a watch continues to be a powerful declaration of one’s style and an expression of one’s inner feelings. However, it is no longer necessary in this technologically superfluous world.

In general, Rumoe designers only design timepieces that they would be happy to put on. Because of this, they have concentrated on finding the highest-quality components and employing the most advanced production processes. In short, they are doing everything necessary to produce the “ideal” watch.

They also chose to utilize an extremely dependable mechanical movement in the inaugural Rumoe line out of an ambitious dedication to excellence. No aspect is left to chance in order to produce a unified design. Moreover, given that the pieces have been distributed in more than 40 different nations, the brand has succeeded in its efforts.

The Rainbow Watch Edition

Recently, Superwatchman, in collaboration with Rumoe and Splendore Unique, created a Rainbow version to celebrate the New Year 2023. This Rainbow edition is an ageless and classic timepiece. A lovely brown leather band, as well as a sleek butterfly buckle, hold it all together. This cutting-edge timepiece is also ideal for any situation.

Additionally, the Rainbow edition is a superb watch that perfectly balances beauty and functionality. A classic automated movement ensures the highest usefulness, precision, and quality levels in the Nobel Royal.

Similarly, calf leather is used to create brown leather straps with crocodile patterns. The suppleness, exquisite grain, and resilience of the calf leather make it precious. A butterfly fastening is also included on the watch due to its excellent comfort and simplicity.

This watch is incredibly lightweight, with a case size of 40 millimeters and a thickness of 11.5 mm. This is advantageous as it is comfortable to wear on the wrist and can be quickly tucked beneath a sleeve when necessary.

A Rumoe logo is also located beneath the 12 o’clock position, and the dial is entirely black with affixed, finely detailed silver inscriptions. The precise and acute carving of the dauphine hands reflects the overall dress design. Additionally, the minute seconds revolving hand merge beautifully.

Rumoe x Splendore Unique x Superwatchan will definitely make you feel amazing as you embark on new expeditions.


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