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RUMOE Watches: Where Scandinavian Elegance Meets Timeless Style

In the realm of horology, where watches of every imaginable kind grace our wrists, from avant-garde marvels to the epitome of elegance, we’ve seen it all. Yet, this diversity often comes at a steep price, with many timepieces demanding a small fortune. Enter RUMOE, a brand that’s been crafting exceptional watches for six years, determined to bridge the gap between luxury and affordability. Their flagship model, the Nobel Royal, is a testament to their commitment to offering luxurious timepieces without the hefty price tag. Today, we take a closer look at this distinguished creation.

A Swedish Legacy of Excellence

Before we delve into the Nobel Royal, let’s get better acquainted with RUMOE as a brand. Hailing from Sweden, a country not typically associated with watchmaking, RUMOE has carved a niche for itself in the industry. Sweden, known for its rich history and heritage, has evolved into a bastion of prosperity, stability, and peace. It boasts a keen eye for tradition and a penchant for design that’s both understated and elegant, a quality that’s evident in their creations.


Drawing Inspiration from Legacy: Nobel Royal

The name Nobel Royal draws inspiration from the Nobel Prize, an annual accolade recognizing remarkable achievements in science and culture. This prestigious award, named after the illustrious Alfred Nobel, the renowned inventor of dynamite, celebrates excellence in the pursuit of knowledge. The Nobel Royal collection pays homage to this tradition of excellence, capturing the essence of both Swedish heritage and the pursuit of greatness.


Elegance in Simplicity

The Nobel Royal is a true dress watch in every sense, exuding an air of understated elegance. Free from superfluous complications, its dial is a testament to the beauty of simplicity. The absence of extraneous features, such as additional dials or excessive text, allows the watch to maintain a clean and refined appearance.

A Case Crafted with Precision

Crafted from high-quality steel, the Nobel Royal case exudes a timeless charm. With a diameter of 40mm, it strikes a balance between modern proportions and classic aesthetics. Its 11.5mm thickness ensures that it comfortably slides beneath a well-tailored shirt cuff, making it an ideal choice for formal occasions.

The case is a harmonious blend of polished and brushed surfaces. The bezel is polished to perfection, while the sides exhibit a brushed finish, adding a touch of contemporary sophistication. The lugs, with their subtle downward angle, reminiscent of iconic watches like the Omega Speedmaster, add an element of elegance to the design. They are proportioned thoughtfully, with a polished section between the lugs contrasting the brushed sides.


Strap and Closure: A Marriage of Comfort and Function

The Nobel Royal watch features a plain or crocodile-patterned calf leather strap, available in black or brown. While it may not be extravagant, it complements the watch’s overall aesthetic and ensures comfort during extended wear. The double folding buckle, though a bit stubborn to snap in place, offers secure fastening.

A Dial That Tells Time Effortlessly

The Nobel Royal’s dial strikes a perfect balance between form and function. You can choose from a black or white dial, both available in steel or rose gold-plated steel cases. The dial is unembellished, with steel or rose gold applied hour markers, hands, and a date window. The date disc underneath the dial matches the color of the dial itself, with contrasting white or black markings. The font used for the date disc is delicate and legible, harmonizing with the overall elegance of the watch.

Traditional Elements: Dauphine Hands

The dauphine hands, a classic choice for dress watches, are crafted from steel and remain unadorned with luminous coating—an intentional design choice that complements the watch’s formal character. The hands are well-proportioned, extending to the edge of the dial to follow the minute and seconds track.

The Heart of the Matter: Seiko NH35 Movement

Beneath its refined exterior, the Nobel Royal is powered by the reliable Seiko NH35 movement. This choice reflects a commitment to quality and dependability. The Seiko NH35 offers hand winding and hacking seconds, ensuring precise timekeeping. Its robust construction, known for durability, ensures that the watch can handle everyday wear with ease.

In Conclusion: A Near-Perfect Dress Watch

In summary, the RUMOE Nobel Royal watch offers a near-perfect embodiment of a dress watch. While its size may not align with the strictest definitions of dress watches, it balances modernity and classic design elements beautifully. Its simplicity, elegance, and commitment to quality make it an excellent choice for those seeking timeless style. RUMOE, with six years of experience in crafting exceptional timepieces, continues to refine its art. With a dedication to affordability without compromising on elegance.

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