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Rolex Day-Date in 18-carat yellow gold featuring a green dial on a green leather strap

The legendary Scottish former Formula One driver, Sir John Young Stewart OBE, is wearing a 36 mm Rolex Day-Date in 18-carat yellow gold featuring a green dial on a green leather strap. The model was presented in Basel 2013 and discontinued in 2019. Produced for about six years in around 500 pieces, the strap was made from the skins of the Mississippiensis alligator, one of wolds finest skins but no longer used by Rolex.

Nicknamed the “Flying Scot,” Sir Jackie Stewart competed in Formula One between 1965 and 1973, winning three World Drivers’ Championships and twice finishing as runner-up during nine seasons.

Watch Review

The most distinguished and luxurious timepiece in the Oyster series is the Rolex Day-Date in 18-carat yellow. The Rolex Day-Date was the initial calendar watch to show the day of the week in whole in a display on the dial apart from the date when it was introduced in 1956. This was a practical accomplishment at the time. It immediately established itself as the timepiece for influential individuals due to its reputation as a piece of immense prestige that was only offered in valuable metals.

The day and date calendar disc components on the Day-Date are evidence of its clever architecture. Both the day and date instantly and simultaneously shift at midnight. There is an option of 26 languages for each day of the week display. A cyclops lens above the crystal magnifies the date indicator by a factor of two and a half. The winding crown allows for quick changes to the date and day.

The Rolex Day-Date represents luxury and elegance. Uniquely made of 950 platinum, the casing, which is watertight to a level of 100 meters (330 feet), symbolizes its magnificence. The distinctively formed center case is made out of a single piece of metal. The domed case back is wholly secured with a unique tool used only by Rolex designers. The unique twinlock dual waterproofness system-equipped wind crown screws firmly to the casing. The bezel could be fluted, dommed, or covered in the most exquisite gemstones when using the gem-set variant. Artificial sapphire is used to create the crystal, making it nearly scratch-proof.

The high-precision movement of the Rolex Day-Date is completely protected from moisture, dust, pressure, and vibrations by the watertight oyster casing. The watch also provides a selection of distinctive dials in elegant hues and patterns.

The self-winding automatic caliber 3155 movement that powers the watch was totally designed and created by Rolex. The 3155 is a verified Swiss chronometer; like other Rolex perpetual mechanisms, a title was only given to high-precision pieces that have completed the COSC examinations. Like other Oyster timepiece movements, its unique construction makes it incredibly dependable.

The green leather strap, which was initially created especially for the Rolex Day-Date, is the ideal accent piece for the brand. The strap was crafted from the best skins available, those of the Mississippiensis alligator, which Rolex no longer uses.

Price market: $33,000.00 USD

Watch reference: 118138-0003

Photo: Getty Images

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