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Roger Federer’s Fashion Accessories: The Discontinued Rolex

Roger Federer's Fashion Accessories The Discontinued Rolex Daytona in Ever-Rose Gold

Photo by: Roger Federer

In the fast-paced world of tennis, one name that has always stood the test of time is Roger Federer. Known for his impeccable skills on the court, the Swiss maestro recently made headlines for an unexpected style move that left fans both amused and intrigued. Roger Federer, the tennis legend himself, was spotted sporting the discontinued Rolex Daytona in ever-rose gold with a meteorite dial. Yes, you read that right—Federer has taken his game to a whole new level, and this time, it’s not just about his tennis prowess.

It seems that the man with a racquet and a killer backhand also has a soft spot for timeless accessories. The ever-rose gold Daytona is a statement piece in itself, but add a meteorite dial into the mix, and you’ve got a combination that’s as rare as a Federer backhand winner. We couldn’t help but wonder if this was some kind of secret strategy to distract opponents with the dazzling wrist candy. After all, who wouldn’t be momentarily blinded by the sheer brilliance of Roger’s wrist bling?


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In a world where athletes are often seen as trendsetters, Federer has taken it to the next level, proving that the court isn’t the only place where he’s acing the competition. Perhaps this is his way of telling the tennis world, “Hey, I not only dominate on the court but also in the fashion game.” It’s like he’s saying, “Why just hit a perfect serve when you can also serve some serious style?”

Now, we know what you’re thinking: “Does the choice of a watch really affect his game?” Well, we can’t say for sure, but if confidence had a timepiece, it would probably look a lot like Roger’s ever-rose gold Daytona. There’s something about knowing you’re wearing a watch that’s rarer than a Grand Slam victory that must give a player that extra boost of swagger on the court.

And let’s not forget the meteorite dial. Is Federer trying to tell us that his game is out of this world? Are his opponents now facing not just a tennis legend but a time-traveling, space-invading, wristwatch-wielding maestro? We can only imagine the post-match interviews: “Roger, how did you pull off that incredible shot?” to which he replies with a sly grin, “Well, when you’ve got a meteorite dial on your wrist, anything is possible.”

In the end, whether it’s a strategic fashion move or just Federer being Federer, one thing is for sure—Roger’s ever-rose gold affair has added a touch of style to the tennis scene. So, the next time you see him on the court, don’t just watch his forehand; keep an eye on that wrist bling—it might just be the secret to his timeless success.

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