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Roger Dubuis X Hypebeast Collaboration Event

Photo: Roger Dubuis

It’s in Roger Dubuis’ nature to look for ideas in the most unlikely places. This entails joining forces with people who share similar principles to break down barriers, constantly think about the future’s creation, and appreciate modern culture in all its aspects. In December, Roger Dubuis was pleased to announce the Excalibur Hypebeast Monobalancier (MB) as part of his ongoing mission to produce incredibly expressive and modern works of art.

In addition to being a close companion of the Maison, Hypebeast is the leading source of modern art and lifestyle. Furthermore, Hypebeast motivates those who aspire to be at the frontier of style, horology, artwork, creativity, music, and more, thanks to its special bond to a global society.


Photo: Roger Dubuis


The Maison approached Hypebeast to work with them to co-create the new version of the classic Excalibur Monobalancier since they share the same enthusiasm for years ahead as Roger Dubuis. Generally, the Excalibur Hypebeast MB stands at the vanguard of modern design, as seen by the platform’s keen eye and mind for everything trendy and edgy. Hence, Roger Dubuis demonstrates that this is the most thrilling method to appreciate hyper horology once more.

Crafted in Contemporary Lifestyle:

As audacious and aspirational as Roger Dubuis, Hypebeast sought to curate a unique watch in the Haute Horlogerie community. Hence, with the release of a special edition of the Excalibur MB, Roger Dubuis presents this partnership’s outcomes. The Maison further decided to paint the shape of its hallmark star in navy blue, one of Hypebeast’s defining colors, and to use a similar color on the rim and the area surrounding the micro-rotor.


Photo: Roger Dubuis


On the other hand, this latest Excalibur Hypebeast MB is encased in a 42-millimeter casing in brilliant white ceramic featuring a white strap. This provides a fun contrast that showcases those great navy blue features. Moreover, the iconic Excalibur MB’s dynamic, sleek-cut forms are further enhanced by this minimalistic, modern design, which also highlights the work’s amazing mechanical foundation.

Despite the widespread usage of ceramic in the watch industry, Roger Dubuis’ ceramic watches stick out for one key purpose: a reluctance to shift from Maison’s iconic design. This is unusual in the timepiece industry because ceramic casings are typically made to match the material. 


Photo: Hypebeast


Transferring ceramic from its raw state to the unique Roger Dubuis casing required extraordinary expertise and took 15 times longer than making a similar casing using gold. Because of this, only the most daring, devoted, and talented are willing to embark on such a challenge. 

Indeed, the bright white ceramic watch by Roger Dubuis is a work of art that combines extreme durability with extreme expressivity. Besides, it is exceptionally resistant to typical blemishes and does not rust with time.

Designed for Maximum Performance:

The Excalibur Hypebeast MB caliber has undergone several technical and aesthetic upgrades, resulting in an impressive display of watchmaking skills. The specialists at Roger Dubuis used creativity and unparalleled artistry to extend the power reserve of the automated RD720SQ to 72 hours and to optimize the micro-rotor to reduce vibrations.


Photo: Roger Dubuis


Furthermore, the new marvel, which has been painstakingly hand-polished, has earned the Poinçon de Genève, the most stringent award in fine watchmaking. Also, a white 3D engraved calf leather strap featuring Quick Release System completes the Excalibur Hypebeast MB for maximum adaptability.

Lastly, this new masterwork by Hypebeast is only available in 28 units, giving modern stylists the most exciting way to enjoy Hyper Horology. 

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