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Similar to how salt and pepper go together, excellent handmade watches and exotic automobiles complement one another. In other words, they both function admirably.

Watchmakers often design products specifically for the exotic motor sector or even for a single automobile. Makes and Movements will usually choose outstanding items and match them with recently produced or upcoming timepieces. The variety of both cars and watches will highlight various companies and enlighten the public on renewed facets of every industry.

Therefore, with a relationship based on functionality, Lamborghini and Roger Dubuis represent a unique subset of high-end watches with a motorsport theme. This limited-edition series has expanded into a variety of designs and variants after the two company titans first started creating hyper timepieces in 2020, taking on the same styling elements as the Lamborghinis that emerged from the manufacturing plant in Italy. The Aventador and Countach LPI 800-4 are two of the most well-known examples that honor legendary Lamborghini assembly lines.




By customizing its style to resemble the Huracán GT3 EVO2, a professional racer engineered and built by Lamborghini Squadra Corse modeled on the Huracán STO, Roger Dubuis x Lamborghini is elevating its most recent product to a novel level. The Roger Dubuis New Excalibur Spider Huracán Monobalancier (MB) is designed with special movements modeled after Italian V10 engines. Moreover, it functions as the ideal complement to the track-influenced Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO2.

In an appropriate manner, the brand-new Excalibur Spider Huracán variant recently made its debut at the renowned 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Roger Dubuis took pleasure in participating as the event’s Official Timing Partner, providing the ideal platform to promote its innovation to a wide range of automobile and watch fans.

The Excalibur Spider Huracán Monobalancier, nevertheless, will be hard to come by because it was only produced in 88 pieces.

Technical Details

  • The Case (Mineral Composite Fiber)

The 45-millimeter case for the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Huracán Monobalancier is composed of Mineral Composite Fiber (MCF). The bezel, as well as the crown, are also made of a unique component, which is particularly light while still being strong. Along with the case’s white color, highlights in yellow, red, and green are evocative of the Lamborghini GT3 Evo2’s color palette.




For instance, the numerals are red on the solid bezel featuring the brand-typical notches. On the contrary, the casing’s flank has a green line. On the other hand, the crown comprises a yellow circle and is symbolic of the wheel nuts on Lamborghini tires. The Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Huracán Monobalancier may also be seen in the rear, thanks to the translucent caseback.

  • Dial

The exposed design of the top is what makes the watch dial distinctive. The setting is made up of colorful architecture and the hexagonal structure that is frequently seen on Lamborghini automobiles. A yellow tip in the shape of a kite completes this. On the minute line on the periphery, the latter shows the time. The hour, as well as minute indicators’ tips have bright material on them to make them easier to view.


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Another feature that stands out is the balancing wheel, which is something the technicians portray as the sporting car’s engine at 12 o’clock. Lastly, the date aperture is placed between the 2 barrels, which the user can see at 5 and 7 o’clock.

  • Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Huracán Monobalancier’s Engine

Roger Dubuis use the RD630 caliber. The brand created the movement to resemble the engine of a powerful sports racecar in this instance, continuing the relationship to motorsport. It has 233 components and 29 rubies integrated into it. Manual winding is provided via a rotor skeletonized in the style of a Lamborghini wheel.


Photo: Roger Dubuis


Up to 60 hours of autonomous power can be stored in two barrels of energy. The required drive is provided elsewhere by the balancing disc, which is inclined at a 12 ° position. Also, because of its alignment, it should function at a 4-hertz rate and attain improved precision in some settings.

Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO2

Automobili Italian luxury and efficiency are embodied in Lamborghini’s supercar lineup, which also includes street-legal vehicles that are capable of setting fast race times. The range of Huracáns consists of a variety of modifications that demonstrate the model’s development and its constant ambition to produce greater power.

The Huracán GT3 EVO2 gives the sense of motorsports races via a production platform because the Huracán is accustomed to race track conditions. Besides, the GT3 EVO2 meets the latest FIA 2022 mechanical rules and is derived from Lamborghini’s well-liked Huracán STO variant.

A more effective intake mechanism is made possible by the distinctive hexagonal airscoop form and the back wing, both of which were borrowed from the Huracán STO. The airscoop is attached to a snorkel that best directs airflow toward the engine, enhancing the vehicle’s ability to respond to the driver’s requests. Moreover, the performance of the V10 using titanium valves is increased by the addition of 10 electronica-operated throttle mechanisms.


Photo: Lamborghini


In addition, the powerful bodywork is made entirely of carbon fiber and was designed in conjunction with Centro Stile from Lamborghini. Excellent aerodynamic loads are ensured by the redesigned splitters, diffusion, and underbody. Also included are improvements for the back wing, as well as reinforced supports that enable accurate wing modification.

Final Thought

The Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Huracán Monobalancier, which unites two illustrious names to produce a piece of art, is the subsequent ideal timepiece you should add to your wishlist. It marks the first case of a partnership that uses a racecar motif out of a Lamborghini Squadra Corse automobile base. This is unlike most instances, which design themselves to resemble the appearance of industrial manufacturing cars.


Photo: Roger Dubuis


Typically, the Excalibur Spider Huracán MB provides an element of uniqueness that you might not see in a regular watch because there are only 88 uniquely numbered copies in the entire globe. Additionally, Roger Dubuis takes pleasure in engaging closely with customers to modify a product to their exact specifications.

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