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Ralph Lauren’s Modern History in Five Watches

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Ralph Lauren started his business by selling ties. However, today, he stands for every male fashion and style segment.

After finishing his primary military education in 1964 but being injured in his leg, Lauren decided to enroll in business school at Baruch College. He then established his inaugural tie line in 1967. Without any concessions, the American lifestyle dynasty was established. And now, the Polo wristwatch strap line includes some of the recognizable ties.

After a few years, Ralph became enthusiastic about timepieces as the company flourished. Thus, he began looking for opportunities to enter the watch industry in the 2000s. He contacted Johann Rupert, president of Richemont, in 2004 to explore a collaboration to create timepieces that complemented his sense of style.

At the SIHH watch exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland, Ralph Lauren debuted his first pieces in 2009, showcasing his modern yet timeless design. There were 3 primary collections, the Stirrup Line being the only one designed specifically for ladies. The majority of customers for the other two brands, Slim Classique and Sporting Collection, were men.


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Right until the conclusion of its deal in 2018, Ralph Lauren maintained its affiliation with the Richemont Group. Currently, all timepieces are Ralph Lauren, although they continue collaborating with Richemont on other initiatives.

Here’s a brief tour of Ralph Lauren’s modern history watch collections:

  1. The Polo Bear Watch Collection

The Polo Bear Line is a trilogy of timepieces with Swiss mechanical movements. It was created to honor the clothing Ralph Lauren himself adored and wore and is the newest addition to the Ralph Lauren watch catalog. The Polo Bear has been associated with Ralph Lauren since 1991, when he received a present of a bear clothed in attire inspired by his style. After that, the bear evolved into a comical representation of the company’s Polo aesthetic, and it is now returned to use watches to convey Ralph Lauren’s unmistakable sense of style.


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The collection comprises three watches that are identical when it comes to their design in general. However, the main distinguishing aspect here is the Polo bear.

The faces of all these watches are featured in a soft cream color, which perfectly balances the bold black Arabic numerals. The sleek plus well-proportioned handset may be used to check the time. A minutes line in the form of a railroad has been positioned on the outside edge. Moreover, the centerpiece of these timepieces, the Polo bear, which is clothed uniquely on every model, is proudly displayed between 12 and 6 o’clock, just beneath the trademark at 9 o’clock.

  1. The RL888 collection

Introduced in 2016, the latest RL888 watch series from Ralph Lauren features a stylishly contemporary round design. This RL888 line, which is Ralph Lauren’s inaugural round piece solely for women, is dubbed after the women’s showroom, located in a luxurious home at 888 Madison Avenue in the middle of New York City.

In keeping with Ralph Lauren’s commitment to Haute Joaillerie and his interest in the art deco period, the series has a gorgeous white gold watch with diamonds.


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It also includes black spinels structured in magnificent abstract patterns on the bezel and bracelet. The RL888 series, which speaks to the contemporary lady with diverse styles, offers a large selection of changeable straps. They are made of alligator, patent leather, calf, satin, or grosgrain and are available in a variety of timeless and eye-catching hues. The smooth three-link bands on some pieces are offered in 18-karat rose gold or stainless steel. This is a testament to Ralph Lauren’s commitment to top-notch Swiss engineering and classic, feminine elegance.

  1. The Automotive Collection

Lauren’s fascination with mechanical items stems from his passion for vintage cars. After all, timepieces and cars frequently go hand in hand. As a result, Ralph Lauren introduced a new line of watches with an automobile theme.

The Ralph Lauren Automotive Series combines materials from Ralph’s Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe to combine old-world and new-world fashion. However, in a broader context, it captures the enthusiasm for excellence and artistry that unites the classic automotive community.


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The watch’s polished wood-style bezel, designed to represent a historic steering wheel, is its most distinctive aspect.

  1. The Safari Collection

The timepieces from the safari series are exquisitely constructed pieces of daily wear that draw their inspiration from a sense of exotic expedition. Moreover, these Safari models skillfully combine the ideas of adventure and refinement.

Blackened stainless steel polished or shot-blasted casings conjure images of rugged elegance. They are operated by self-winding manual movements built in Switzerland.


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On the other hand, the COSC has approved a few types as chronometers, demonstrating the highest level of accuracy. The visible rotors of tourbillon variants are a whirling demonstration of artistry and a sign of skilled craftsmanship.

  1. The 867 Collection 

The title of this collection is a reference to the Ralph Lauren New York City flagship store, sometimes called “the mansion,” located at 867 Madison Avenue, directly in front of 888. The features include new square-link, art-deco-style bracelets, which are available in 3 dimensions (21.5 mm, 27.5 mm, and 32 mm) as well as 3 metals (18-karat white gold, rose gold, and stainless steel). All these evoke the structural attractiveness of the distinctive square casing and the circular squares on the dial.


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The two largest variants of these watches are mechanically wound owing to a Piaget movement. Likewise, the smaller one is driven by a quartz Cartier movement. These timepieces also come with the choice of a diamond inlay.


Possibly the last brand to spring to mind when considering timepieces is Ralph Lauren. Nevertheless, the company does have a fantastic selection of pieces that, like its apparel, make a bold design statement and have respectable technical performance. This renders them beyond simply fashionable timepieces.

In addition, despite being new to the watch industry, Ralph Lauren joined the market with high-end timepieces. The legendary designer works with some of his favorite watchmakers to build his ambitious collections.

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