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Porsche Design Chronograph 1: The GP 2023 Edition

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The 50th milestone of Porsche Design is commemorated this year, and festivities got underway earlier on. In January, the manufacturer unveiled the Chronograph 1 -1972 Limited Edition, a devoted tribute to the classic all-black Porsche Design Chronograph introduced in 1972, but with a titanium casing versus the initial steel and a WERK 01.140 flyback chronograph caliber versus the iconic Valjoux 7750. There were only 500 pieces available. Nevertheless, this served as the foundation for a novel limited edition connected to one of the fascinating competitions of the modern era, the GP Ice Race.

The Chronograph 1 – 911 Edition 50Y Porsche Design was available as well, along with the 50Y special edition. This one is identical to Chronograph 1, except for the replacement of the vintage emblem on the dial with a more contemporary design. 


Photo: Hodinkee


The Chronograph 1 had a solid caseback, whereas the Chronograph 1 – 911 Edition 50Y Porsche Design had a clear caseback that displayed a rotor with a Fuchsfelgen pattern. Only customers of the 911 Porsche Design 50th Anniversary Edition automobiles were permitted to purchase the product, which was restricted to 750 timepieces.

The milestone was also commemorated by a special GP Ice Race 2022 chronograph. Since 2019, Constantin Klein and Ferdi Porsche, the nephew of Prof. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, have organized the GP Ice Race, an automobile racing competition on an ice circuit in Zell am See, Austria. It is the homeland of the Porsche dynasty and the location of the Porsche Design workshop from 1974. 


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The Chronograph 1-based GP 2022 Edition wristwatch came with a special strap that could be worn under a race suit. However, it immediately sold out despite being a special run of just 50 units and including accessories in the collector’s package.

The Ice Race tournament has once more broken the peace in Austria’s countryside in January 2023. Supporters of the legendary company will yet again have the opportunity to purchase a Porsche Design Chronograph 1 – GP 2023 Edition. Besides, the manufacturer is restricted to 250 copies this round to avoid offending the public.

About Porsche Design Chronograph 1 – GP 2023 Edition

This newest watch is 40.8 millimeters wide and comes in a 14.5mm tall untreated titanium casing. The matte metal blends flawlessly with the contrasted black of the crown, Chrono pushers, as well as lugs. Likewise, the dial is black, featuring luminous white markings that blend with the color. 

In addition, the Porsche Design Chronograph 1 – GP 2023 Edition has a 60-min gauge with indications placed at 5-minute spacing. This is denoted by dots and associated numbers, at which the 2022 model included a broad flange featuring the tachymeter gauge all around the dial.


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The rectangle hour indicator in the center and the pointy minute hands covered in luminescent material show the time. The red sub-counter indexes aesthetically complement the red Chrono center hand at 12 and 6. There is also a tiny second sub-dial at nine o’clock. 

A day-date indicator featuring a classic Porsche Design emblem on the front of the window is on the opposing end. The casing’s crown, buckle, and rear all bear the insignia. On the other hand, the dial is protected and has the best readability possible, thanks to the sapphire crystal’s seven-layer, anti-reflective, scratch-resistant treatment. 

Remarkably, the vintage Porsche Design emblem, the series number, as well as the tiny but amusing GP symbol—a Yeti seated on a tractor—are all inscribed on the caseback.


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When it comes to the movement, Porsche Design employs the specialized Concepto as the platform while creating the exact WERK 01.240 caliber at the Solothurn factory. Incorporating a flyback feature, an inventive fast-switch date indicator, and a bilingual day display, this WERK 01.240 movement of the Porsche Design Chronograph 1 – GP 2023 Edition model is an evolution of the WERK 01.140 from the 2022 version. Moreover, this movement has a 48-hour power reserve in addition to being COSC-approved. 

Additionally, this GP 2023 Limited Edition offers two different strap options. The white GP fabric strap, originally included with the GP 2022 Edition, is intended to be donned over a ski or racer suit. Therefore, according to the company, fans of skijoring will find it useful. However, Porsche Design will provide a traditional black leather band featuring a matte-black titanium foldable buckle for individuals who aren’t up for the utmost winter fortitude testing. 


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Generally, the Zell am See tournament involves dragging by sportscars, a contemporary variation of skijoring. On the contrary, horses pulled the skiers throughout the ice course in the past years.

Extreme Weather and Stunning Sports Cars: The GP Ice Race

The popular sport of skijoring, which initially involved horses dragging skiers through the ice course, gave rise to the Skijöring Race in Zell am See in 1952. This race has developed from horses pushing skiers up hills to sports vehicles pulling skiers today. 

Over 10,000 spectators travel to Zell am See during its peak to witness sports vehicles racing for the best lap time in a wide range of divisions. Just 45 years after the final historic competition, in 2019, Ferdi Porsche and his buddy Vinzenz Greger brought back the ice race heritage through the GP Ice Race. The last historical event was held in 1974.


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The love of motor racing that Ferdi Porsche possesses is evident to everyone following him on social media. For the GP Ice Race, Fred Porsche represents a way of life that divides primarily young motorsport fanatics. He once remarked that, for him, there is virtually nothing better than cruising up the Großglockner in the wee hours of the morning in one of the supercars with his dad. 


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Notably, for over 3 days toward the end of January 2023, prototypes, rally automobiles, and rebuilt historic vehicles will again battle against one another in thrilling racing competitions.


Bottom Line

Inspired by the renowned Chronograph 1, the Porsche Design Chronograph 1 – GP 2023 Edition is only available in 250 copies. The wristwatch was generally designed to go with the GP Ice Race, a competition that uses an ice-surfaced 1/4-mile racing circuit, drifting circle, and karting course.

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