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Porsche and TAG Heuer’s Tribute to Carrera Panamericana

Photo: TAG Heuer

In a celebration of two iconic anniversaries, Porsche and TAG Heuer have come together to pay homage to the legendary Carrera Panamericana race. This extraordinary event marks 70 years since two Porsche customer teams, each driving a Porsche 550 Coupé, participated in this spectacular race. Additionally, it commemorates 60 years since Jack Heuer introduced the TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph, specifically designed for racing drivers and named after this iconic Mexican road race.

In a joint project known as “TAG Heuer x Porsche – Legends of Panamericana,” the two brands have collaborated to create two exceptional cars based on the 718 Cayman GT4 RS. These cars are a testament to the enduring partnership between Porsche and TAG Heuer, which began with a long-term collaboration in motorsports and later extended to collaborative watch launches. The “Sonderwunsch” project, inspired by the 1953 Porsche 550 Coupé that raced in the Carrera Panamericana, showcases the art of engineering and design excellence.


Photo: TAG Heuer

Unveiling at Rennsport Reunion 7:

The first of these exceptional cars, with racing number 154, is making its grand debut at Rennsport Reunion 7, a major fan gathering held at the Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca in California. This event serves as the perfect backdrop to unveil these remarkable vehicles to the world.

A Special Appearance by Patrick Dempsey:

Adding to the excitement, Patrick Dempsey, a racing driver, US actor, and brand ambassador for both TAG Heuer and Porsche, will be present for the car’s premiere at Rennsport Reunion 7. Moreover, in mid-October, he will take the wheel of this new sports car during the first and second stages of this year’s Carrera Panamericana race. The second car, featuring racing number 152, will also be showcased. In early 2024, it will be auctioned for a noble cause.


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Crafted with Precision:

These two sports cars were meticulously constructed in the Porsche Sonderwunsch workshop in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, in collaboration with Style Porsche, Porsche Latin America, and TAG Heuer. Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur experts, renowned for their craftsmanship and attention to detail, played a pivotal role in enhancing these unique sports cars. This approach aligns with Porsche’s Co-Creation strategy, reviving the legendary Sonderwunsch program from the late 1970s, enabling the design of one-of-a-kind cars tailored to customer requests.

Design Elements Reflecting Heritage:

Several design elements of the Sonderwunsch project pay homage to the Carrera Panamericana race. The racing numbers, 152 and 154, are prominently featured on the doors and roofs of the cars, referencing the historic Porsche 550 Coupé. The Le Mans Silver Metallic paint and various exterior components maintain the race-inspired theme.

Inside the cabin, Guards Red leather seats provide a striking contrast to the black dashboard and door panel trim. The steering wheel features tricolored cross-stitching in the colors of the Mexican flag and the TAG Heuer logo. The Sonderwunsch cars also incorporate unique Carrera Panamericana logo elements, emphasizing their historical significance.

A Tribute to TAG Heuer’s Legacy:

The special feature of car number 154 is the TAG Heuer stopwatch module integrated into the center console. This is a nod to TAG Heuer’s rich history of crafting dashboard-mounted timing devices, reflecting their tradition of creating dependable and utilitarian timing instruments.


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The Legacy of Carrera Panamericana:

The Carrera Panamericana, a grueling road race spanning over 3,400 kilometers across Mexico, has deep ties with Porsche and TAG Heuer. This race inspired Jack Heuer to create the first Carrera chronograph wristwatch in 1963, designed especially for professional racing drivers and sports car enthusiasts. The name “Carrera” has since become synonymous with the golden age of motorsport and continues to be a cornerstone of the partnership between Porsche and TAG Heuer.


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A Strong and Enduring Partnership:

The enduring partnership between Porsche and TAG Heuer has a rich history, from TAG Turbo engines to Formula E teams, Carrera Cup, and Esports Supercup virtual racing series sponsorship. This collaborative venture, TAG Heuer x Porsche – Legends of Panamericana, is a testament to the shared commitment to precision and performance between two iconic brands.

Conclusion; The “TAG Heuer x Porsche – Legends of Panamericana” project is more than just a celebration of two anniversaries; it’s a tribute to the spirit of motorsport and the enduring partnership between two legendary brands. These extraordinary cars, steeped in history and craftsmanship, bring to life the legacy of the Carrera Panamericana in a way that only Porsche and TAG Heuer can.

As the two cars take the road, they remind us that some legends never fade, and they continue to inspire the world with their innovation and dedication to making dreams come true.

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