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Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar reference 1526 in yellow gold

Legendary actor Clark Gable was on the set of the 1955 movie ‘Soldier of Fortune’ wearing the 165 pieces limited 34mm Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar reference 1526, in yellow gold featuring a white dial with gold champlevé enamel Arabic numerals and moonphases.

Gable was nicknamed “The King of Hollywood” and had roles in more than 60 motion pictures during a career that lasted 37 years, three decades of which was as a leading man. He was, after his death in 1960, named the seventh-greatest male movie star of classic American cinema.

About the Watch

Patek Philippe’s first commercial manufacturing perpetual calendar was the reference 1526. This is the ultimate permanent calendar for most enthusiasts, including the collectors. Over the years, numerous designers have produced alternate calendar displays. However, nothing has come anywhere close to the 1526’s clear, readable, and visually beautiful dial.

The Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar case is made of pure 18k yellow gold and is 34mm in diameter by 11.5mm in thickness. The acrylic crystal is spherical while the back of the casing snaps shut. Surprisingly, the bezel and casing body is about the same depth. The casing body is brush polished, while the snapback is finished. The lugs have a modest downward arch—besides, the brown leather strap with Patek Philippe clasp in 18k gold. The calendar info is also displayed on the dial in an ideal manner.

The dial has a lovely, homogeneous eggshell-colored patina that complements the rose gold color of the casing wonderfully. The logo and scales are solid enamel and are as polished as a refined connoisseur could anticipate. The gold mark beneath the top left lug is clear, and the signature on the right ring is profound and prominent, indicating that the case is strong and resistant to scratch.

In addition, the Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar dial is 100 percent genuine and untouched. It is matte silver in color with attached golden Arabic numerals and hour indicator dots and a written minutes scale around the outside. The golden hands are also distinctive and are leaf style, commonly known as Feuille hands in Patek jargon. The supplemental second’s hand is a tiny version of the golden leaf style. The blued hand along the outside chapter enclosing the moonphase window, whereas the day and month are presented under the 12 o’clock position, indicates the date. The original moonphase disc is blue with gold stars as well as a moon.

The Caliber 12″‘ 120 QP manually winding perpetual calendar movement has 18 jewels. It can be changed to five different positions, including heat, cold, and isochronism. A Breguet balancing spring and a micrometer regulating device are also included in the caliber. The movement is spotless and functions well.

During the model’s history, just 165 pieces with references to 1526 perpetual calendars were produced. This specific 1526 was made about 1948. Patek Philippe 1526s are incredibly uncommon, and finding one in this condition is even more so. As a result, it would be a pleasure and a thrill to own this timepiece!

Price market: $85,000.00 USD

Photo: Getty Images

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