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Patek Philippe Complications 5172G-010

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One of Patek Philippe’s most exquisite chronograph pieces, the traditionally designed Chronograph 5172G-010 is a stunning example of the brand’s expertise in the industry. Patek raised the bar yet again with the beautiful salmon-pink shade for Watches & Wonders 2022 after debuting it in 2019 alongside a magnificent dark blue hue.

At Patek Philippe, the hand-winded Chrono wristwatch has long been a staple, and the 5172G-010 isn’t any different. The outstanding Art Deco design lugs from 5320 are on the 5172G-010 model, replacing the 5170’s traditional Calatrava-style casing. Combined, this piece is quite appealing, particularly in the salmon hue, one of the MONOCHROME group’s favorites.

  • Dial, hands, casing

Like its predecessor, the reference 5172G-001, the new Patek Philippe Complications 5172G-010 casing is made of white gold. It is firmly within the realm of modern watches at 41 by 11.45 millimeters. However, it differs from the reference. 5170’s sub-40 millimeter size, probably to cater to a youthful clientele.

The lugs, as well as Chrono pushers, show the most noticeable alterations. The ref. 5172, the former favors a more elaborate design with dual-stepped lugs reminiscent of Art Deco. Furthermore, the casing design embraces retro-above classical designing and is much more subtle.


Photo: Monochrome

The chronograph buttons pay homage to Patek’s original water-resistant chronograph piece, the ref. 1463, from the middle of the twentieth century. The ref. 1463, often known as the “tasti tondi” (circular keys), has identical pump peddlers with sunburst patterns on the pressing face as the ref. 5172-010. These retro components produce a casing that is brimming with character.

Patek Philippe raised the bar with the ref. 5172G-010 by giving it a rose golden dial, also affectionately referred to as the salmon dial. The company is aware that the salmon dial functions as a hack code, transforming any Patek watch into a siren tune. But given its vintage design, what best watch to use it on other than reference 5172? Apart from the indexes and attached numbers, which are now charcoal grey, as well as the printing, which is now black for clarity, nothing else about the dial has been modified.

The syringe markers and the tachymeter level are the finest features of the dial beside the color), which greatly enhances the timepiece’s appeal. Moreover, ref. 5172G-010 offers a more elegant appearance, unlike the blue premiere variant, because it is combined with a beautiful brown alligator leather band.

  • The movement 

Patek Philippe Complications 5172G-010 is powered by Calibre CH 29-535 PS, which comprises 270-part and 33-jewel. The ref. 5170, together with ref. The same well-known hand-winding caliber drives the 7071 and 7150 ladies’ models. Besides, it runs at a 4 Hz rate and has a nice 65-hour power reserve.


Photo: Monochrome


In addition, this Calibre CH 29-535 PS features a column wheel and a horizontal clutch chronograph. The 6 patents total encompassing improvements in toothing character, contact depth, and self-regulatory zero-resetting clutches safeguard the movement.

The Calibre CH 29-535 PS, characterized by its structure and fine craftsmanship, is exposed through the sapphire transparent caseback. The Geneva ripples from across arches, the outer angles, the perlage over the bottom plate, and particularly the black finished cap which protects the column wheel—which has almost taken on legendary status for the movement—are all crucial details. It is a Chrono movement that is genuinely modern but is constructed and polished conventionally.


Bottom Line

Suppose there had been any questions about the ref. 5172G-010 since it was first introduced, they have been decisively dispelled with this unique salmon dial variant since it was first introduced. Considering how highly sought-after salmon dial Pateks are, it’s difficult to see how the company intends to surpass this. For a retro-prompted timepiece like the ref. 5172, a yellow-gold variation would be an ideal choice as a subsequent step. However, in the present era, yellow gold timepieces still strive to acquire recognition.


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Without a doubt, Patek Philippe will have sufficient alluring dial casing/design component combinations to experiment with during the years to come. One thing is for sure: ref. 5172G-010 will remain a pioneer, just like its ancestors, with its energizing design, contemporary movement, and company legacy. However, some would look more appealing than others.

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