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Oris Unveils the New Coulson Limited Edition

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For the self-governing Swiss company Oris, 2022 has been a triumph. The firm has also introduced a wide selection of special edition models, many of which are based on its primary brand statement of ecological protection, in the face of numerous significant series revisions.

In contrast to its normal focus on canal cleanups, aircraft firefighting is a quick, aggressive conservation that Oris hopes to promote for its final significant launch of the year. Furthermore, in the past few years, the use of airplanes to drop large volumes of water has evolved into an essential aspect of the fight against the growing danger of wildfires across California, South America, and Australia. Besides, the aerial firefighting company Coulson Aviation is involved in the vanguard of this dangerous area.


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Oris unveiled a unique, copyrighted 3D-printed carbon fiber casing fabrication method, fusing cutting-edge tech and the stark, bright hues of a huge fire, as a homage to Coulson Aviation’s persistent contributions to fighting wildfires across the world. Technically and artistically, the latest Oris Coulson Limited Edition produces stunning results, possibly making it the company’s most spectacular product of 2022.

Lovers of the company might well be familiar with the outlines of the 41 millimeters wide casing of the Oris Coulson Limited Edition. However, the case fabric is entirely different. This casing was created in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology using a novel 3D printing technique that concurrently produces carbon fiber plus PEKK aerospace-based polymer to make an incredibly lightweight and robust carbon fiber hybrid casing.


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Additionally, because of how precisely this technique works, Oris can control the normally random stippled structure of the carbon fiber composition. The company utilizes such markings to provide accents and depth on a matte finish, like scrubbing on a metallic case.

Although the Coulson Limited Edition shares the same general structure as the Big Crown ProPilot line, Oris provides the watch with a noticeably different look in photographs. It does this by adding radial markings to the lean, unchamfered lugs, plus horizontal black and gray speckles that extend the length of the neatly bundled case edges. The recognizable half-fluted “turbine” bezel from the Big Crown ProPilot range is in dark gray PVD titanium, along with the stripe signature enormous crown at three o’clock. Oris tops off this casing by incorporating a PVD titanium caseback and a sapphire display pane, giving the watch a reliable 100 meters of waterproofing.


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Oris uses a flaming, striking new color scheme to cover the Big Crown ProPilot line’s simple design on the Coulson Limited Edition dial. The crisp matte-white contemporary alpha dial perfectly placed Arabic numbers and breezy exterior seconds counter are all line staples. However, the glossy gradation dial face instantly distinguishes this timepiece at a glimpse. This distinctive dial style, which fades from dazzling orange at six o’clock to bold red and then reddish-black at 12 o’clock, portrays a wildfire’s frenzied, vivid hues. This is especially when combined with the refractive white dial gear and charcoal-tinted casing material. Even though using a black date aperture at six o’clock is a bold, high-impact option in this instance, uneven date panels are typically contentious.


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The company’s proprietary Calibre 400 automatic movement, similar to the majority of its higher-end versions, drives the Oris Coulson Limited Edition. Since its release in late 2020, the Calibre 400 has established itself as the firm’s hallmark. Along with strong magnetic resilience, a 10-year minimum service frequency, a stated precision level of -3/+5 seconds each day, and a vast 120-hour power reserve at 28,800 vph, the movement delivers top-flight operational metrics. Contrary to popular belief, Oris doesn’t present these movements for COSC clearance, even if this makes the Calibre 400 eligible for chronometer accreditation.


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The Oris Coulson Limited Edition’s movement features utilitarian finishes, the same as earlier Calibre 400 models. Some watch connoisseurs may be turned down by the straightforward matte hammered three-quarter panels and polished skeleton wheel. However, this simple polishing is done in a neat, accurate manner. Furthermore, Oris finishes the Coulson Limited Edition with a sleek, stitch-free black textile strap featuring a PVD deployant buckle.

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