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Omega Releases a Stunning 60th Anniversary James Bond Wristwatch

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The world first came across a figure who would go on to be a legendary figure on the silver screen on 5th October 1962. James Bond, a British secret officer, operating for MI6 with the codename 007, will appear in the first of 25 iconic films, Dr. No, which is an adaption of Ian Fleming’s 1958 book with the same title. The effect of this series is still felt six decades later.

Basically, James Bond is more than just a persona. He represents a way of life with amassed components that are just as recognizable as the real Bond. Obviously, automobiles like the DB5 yet also timepieces.

Even though other brands were included in the beginning, Omega has, since 1995, with GoldenEye, established the standard for Bond watches. With the release of the brand-new Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 60 Years of James Bond, both partners are celebrating six decades of 007 films.


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The wavy dial’s return and the fantastic animation caseback are the primary features, even if it comes with steel and in different colors. Indeed, positive GoldenEye ambiances are in the air!

Omega and Bond 007

The first James Bond 007 films have included a variety of watch companies. However, none can rival the cult reputation of the Omega Seamaster Diver Professional featuring a dial designed like a blue wave. It’s a timepiece that has come to be referred to as the James Bond wristwatch.


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Since 1995’s Goldeneye, Omega, and the James Bond 007 Franchise have been working together. In fact, 10 different timepieces from the Brosnan and Craig regimes have been worn throughout all 9 films. This significant partnership has also produced results that go beyond straightforward product promotion. It was a crucial component of the character’s reinvention in the middle of the 1990s, guided by Oscar-winning outfit artist Lindy Hemming. She was in charge of choosing the timepiece for 007 in GoldenEye.


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In 1995’s Goldeneye, 007 was depicted wearing the renowned Omega Seamaster 300M Professional for the inaugural time. It goes without saying that factors like Bond’s military experience and Hemming’s desire to modernize and Europeanize the 007 personas influenced the decision to portray Omega as Bond.


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The 9 films covering 1995 to 2021 have included no less than 10 different timepieces. Four films feature the iconic Seamaster Professional 300M (either quartz or automated), in addition to the well-known devices. Particularly when played by Daniel Craig, Bond sports two separate pieces in 3 of the films. Along with eliminating gadgets, this novel character signaled a change in direction for the Bond collection, making 007 quite dramatic and authentic.


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In addition to returning in the 2015 movie Spectre, gadgets can also be spotted in the 2021 film No Time To Die, which stars Daniel Craig as James Bond. Additionally, these two films introduced timepieces made just for the characters and eventually made available to the general public.

Technical Features

The watch is centered on the traditional Seamaster Diver 300M Master Chronometer, meaning most of its physical specifications are shared. They include its 42-millimeter size, 300 meters WR casing with perverted lugs, helium faucet at ten o’clock, unidirectional scalloped bezel, and automated Master Chronometer in-built caliber. Also, the 007 Edition is distinguished by its unusual use of colors and materials, which gives it a noticeably more retro appearance.


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Furthermore, the 42 by 13.15-millimeter casing is fully constructed of polished grade 2 titanium. Likewise, the bezel is supported by an inlay composed of so-called topical-colored aluminum. A distinctive box-like sapphire crystal also covers the dial, which is made of tropical-colored aluminum and has applied lume for the markers and indexes that resemble vintage style.


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Additionally, the watch features numerous military writings, including the wide arrow on the dial and numerous inscriptions that take their cues from the MoD on the solid caseback. Also, the no-date caliber 8800 is placed beneath it.

The final options were the Milanese titanium bracelet or the patterned NATO textile strap. Overall, this edition’s Seamaster Diver 300M is certainly one of the finest, though somewhat expensive.

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