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Novak Djokovic’s Hublot Spirit of Big Bang All Black Pavé 42mm

Novak Djokovic's Hublot Spirit of Big Bang All Black Pavé 42mm

Photo by: Novak Djokovic

When you’re the world’s number-one tennis player, rules are just another opponent to beat. Serbian tennis phenom Novak Djokovic took this idea to heart while accepting the 2024 Laureus World Sportsman of the Year award in Madrid. In a room filled with glitz and glam, Djokovic served up a fashion ace by strapping on the Hublot Spirit of Big Bang All Black Pavé 42mm.

Djokovic steps onto the stage in a tuxedo that could make James Bond look like a high school prom date. But it’s not just the tuxedo that’s turning heads—it’s the watch. This isn’t just any wrist candy; this is a watch that screams luxury louder than a John McEnroe tirade.


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The Spirit of Big Bang All Black Pavé is a marvel of modern horology. Set with 50 black diamonds and housed in a black ceramic, tonneau-shaped case with a skeletonized dial, it’s as if the Department of Defense and Tiffany & Co. had a love child. The result is a timepiece that’s as rugged as a stealth bomber and as dazzling as a Vegas showgirl.

As Djokovic accepted his award, the watch gleamed under the lights, each black diamond winking at the audience like it knew a secret. And maybe it did. Maybe it was saying, “Yes, I’m stunning. Yes, I’m intricate. And yes, I could probably survive a nuclear blast.” The skeletonized dial offered a peek into the watch’s complex inner workings, much like trying to decode one of Djokovic’s backhand slices.

This watch is more than just a piece of jewelry; it’s a statement. It’s Djokovic saying, “Sure, I can dominate the court, but watch how I dominate this outfit.” It’s a bold move, pairing an all-black, diamond-studded watch with a formal tuxedo, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s the man who’s made a career out of defying expectations.

So, what’s next for Novak? A platinum-plated tennis racket? Diamond-encrusted sweatbands? Whatever it is, you can bet it will be as unexpected and spectacular as his watch. Keep an eye on Djokovic—not just for his athletic prowess, but for his daring fashion choices. After all, when you’re at the top of your game, why not look like a million bucks—or, in this case, several million?

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