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Most Iconic Timepieces in Movies

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Throughout the years, watch enthusiasts have long been thrilled by the idea of watching their favorite timepieces worn on TV and the big screen. These days, it’s hard to see a prominent lady or guy without a watch on the wrist. A number of these clocks have even gained so much from such exposure that they have risen beyond their role as accessories and evolved into iconic watches. 

Here are some notable timepieces that became legendary as a result of their supporting acts on the big screen:

OMEGA Seamaster: No Time To Die

The OMEGA Seamaster is regarded to be a preferred option for the James Bond timepiece, making it among the most well-known pairs on the big screen. This clever spy has been defending the planet with an OMEGA Seamaster on his wrist since 1995. Besides, the relationship between OMEGA and 007 has a long history; they share a sense of adventure and swoon-worthy fashion, from Planet Ocean to the more formal Aqua Terra.


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Furthermore, the fact that Daniel Craig played James Bond in the finale in 2021 meant that this piece needed to be exceptional. Hence, the brand took all the greatest features of the legendary Seamaster Diver 300m and improved them to create an upgraded edition of OMEGA’s first Bond wristwatch.

Breitling Aviator 8: Bullet Train

Bullet Train, an action film, is among the most recent movies to be released. The film stars the legendary Brad Pitt as Ladybug, a hitman who battles his route through Japan’s rails while donning the Breitling Aviation 8. 

Obviously, one can understand why it became a favorite for this movie; it is a robust and durable timepiece. In addition, there are only 1,953 available pieces.


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Brad Pitt’s choice of the Breitling Avi Ref. 756 1953 Re-Edition Chronograph complements Ladybug’s fashion sense. As an upgrade of Breitling pilot timepieces from the 1950s, this Men’s Watch has a large dial and thick hour markings in a mid-century style design. The only distinction, of course, is that Pitt is handmade out of platinum.

TAG Heuer Carrera: The Gray Man

From one top-secret spy to the next, Ryan Gosling, the TAG Heuer ambassador, plays Sierra Six in the Netflix movie The Gray Man in 2022. His role undoubtedly needed a timepiece that could stay current with all of his excursions in the action-filled film directed by Joe & Anthony Russo.



TAG Heuer Carrera was, indeed, the ideal timepiece. The Carrera line, designed for people who strive to enjoy life to the maximum, pushes the limits of high-end manufacturing. Therefore, with TAG Heuer Carrera Three Hands Date Automatic Men’s Clock, you could sport the same timepiece as Sierra Six.

Bremont U-2/51-Jet: Venom

In the 2018 superhero film Venom, British star Tom Hardy portrays Eddie Brock, another of Marvel’s best fascinating characters. Brock, a lethal defender, and anti-hero, battles evil powers in the movie. Because of this, British designer Bremont’s all-black timepiece is a perfect match for the film’s gloomy starring role. 

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The Bremont U-2/51-JET can be seen on Tom Hardy’s hand the entire time of the movie. This piece draws new inspiration from a military initiative contracted by the RAF’s 100 Team to commemorate their centennial and complement their Hawk TI Jet airplane. Besides, it was prompted by a small number of top martial squadrons. 

Casio G-Shock: Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson portrays Black Widow in Marvel Studios’ action-filled spy movie. However, Yelena Belova (played by Florence Pugh), who also acts as a spy, is the character sporting the all-black Casio G-Shock wristwatch. 


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The Casio G-Shock DW5600BB, a robust piece, is certainly required for a woman who is constantly battling bad people. The design also had to go with her personality’s all-black spy attire. Moreover, this timepiece is entirely black, including the strap, casing, and face, while the backlit screen makes viewing the time at night simple.

TAG Heuer Monaco: Le Mans

In the 1971 movie Le Mans, two motor racing legends compete in the world’s most difficult endurance race. In the film, Steve McQueen wore the TAG Heuer Monaco, a watch fit for the red carpet.

The TAG Heuer Monaco was introduced in 1969 and gained instant fame. Monaco originally caught people’s interest for its eye-catching square casing. However, Steve McQueen further enhanced its fame by sporting a blue-faced, black strap edition of the piece in a feature film. 


Photo: Getty  Images

Taking inspiration from Steve McQueen, this TAG Heuer Monaco 1969 Automatic Chronograph Men’s Wristwatch is one of TAG Heuer’s most recognizable designs even today.


Bottom Line

Hollywood movies have featured watches for many years. Some only use timepieces as background or fashion items to complete a character’s look. Nonetheless, others have a particular clock that is so essential to the plot that it emerges as a cultural icon. Even the film itself cannot match it in rank!

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