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Mesmerizing Son of Gears Crystal by ArtyA

Son of Gears Blue Star Crystal. Photo: ArtyA

The ArtyA Son of Gears Crystal series pays homage to the wristwatch industry’s storied expertise. Here, you’ll find some updated versions of watchmaker icons, such a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind manual movement that’s been skeletonized to resemble the Sun, a Stars, or an Edelweiss blossom. On other types, the dial, bezel, and casing are occupied by wheels, gears, and electrical components.

Yvan Arpa established the watch company ArtyA and has become one of the best timepiece designers working today. His company ArtyA created its first distinctive clock in 2010 and has subsequently delivered other distinctive designs. Although it’s still relatively new in the world of high-end watchmakers, it has gained prominence thanks to its ground-breaking inventions and remarkable artistic creations.

Arpa doesn’t adhere to others’ codes of conduct. Instead, he creates each item in a bold manner that thwarts the market. In his autonomous and responsive staff of a mere ten experienced specialists, the successful businessman and innovative artist use purposeful and intriguing tactics and procedures, according to ArtyA.

Crystal Sapphire Case

In addition, the Geneva-based Swiss wristwatch firm has become a leader in the hard-to-define sector. Besides, comparing the label to rivals is challenging as it frequently seems to be in a class by itself. Its most current release, the ArtyA Son of Gears Crystal Sapphire Case Watch, further supports the claim that it is exceptional.

Artificial sapphire watch casings are getting more and more common for a valid reason. Since the 1980s, sapphire has been used as a clock crystal resource. However, it has only lately become feasible to carve and refine sapphire material into much more intricate designs, such as those required for a watch casing.


Son of Gears White Snowflake Deep Green Crystal. Photo: ArtyA


The sapphire crystal casing is made of synthetic sapphire materials that were manufactured in a lab. These artificial gems are constructed of 100% aluminum oxide and are known as corundum. The end product of the production stages is a gemstone that shares the same firmness, physical attributes, and aesthetic qualities as a genuine stone. On the Moh’s scale, corundum gemstones have a hardness rating of 1800 Vickers, or 9. This means that they are not easily scratched or broken.


Son of Gears Multicolored Shams Crystal. Photo: ArtyA


Furthermore, sapphire is preferred in the watch manufacturing industry because it is a material that is incredibly strong and scratch-resistant. Its weaknesses are its inability to be machined easily and the possibility that it could hypothetically fracture under the correct shock. It necessitates specialized diamond-slicing equipment that gradually wears out and has to be renewed. Since metal flexes and reshapes before it even breaks apart, it cannot do this. This essentially implies that even though a sapphire-cased timepiece will withstand a great deal of use and tear, it is not advisable to let it get dropped or smacked onto a wall. Typically, a sapphire crystal casing breaking is uncommon, yet it could also happen.

Despite having a more traditional exterior, the ArtyA Son of Gears Crystal watch’s sapphire casing is on the bigger side, measuring 46mm in width. The face sapphire crystal lens is merged into the casing form, and the casing is only 2 components (naturally).

Furthermore, the case has a thick layer of AR coating, which significantly reduces glare. It also measures roughly 53mm from lug to lug and is approximately 15millimeters wide. Its 30-meter water resistance is approximately average for watches with sapphire cases. Even ArtyA’s Diver Crystal timepieces are just 50 meters water resistant.

Technical Characteristics

All of ArtyA Son of Gears Crystal timepieces, the company claims, are unique. The system, which ArtyA refers to as its “ArtyA Wave Skeleton Movement,” seems to be built on the UNITAS base. In this, the arches of the movement are heavily skeletonized, with many faces polished with perlage. Besides, the movement, which is mechanically wound, runs at 4Hz and has a power reserve of roughly 50 hours.

Around the 2 o’clock mark on the dial, you can notice the little “A” pattern incorporated into the movement links. Typically, the face only displays the time in hours and minutes. ArtyA chose to use refined dauphine-style indexes to show the time. They are pretty, yet they mix in with the dial and don’t feature any distinctive personalities to add to the design as a whole.

On the other hand, nothing about this timepiece indicates it is from ArtyA, or any label other than the said “A” tucked away in the movement. So someone looking at this piece could assume that it was either produced specifically for one user or assembled using a high-end at-home kit, something which would be nice.

The real leather strap of the ArtyA, Son of Gears Crystal Watch, fastens it firmly to the wrist. The company produces every watchband using handcrafted techniques and premium leather components. As a result, a complementary shiny alligator band that complements the movement’s hues and the general motif of the watch is fastened to the casing. Though this Crystal wristwatch is huge, it is also enjoyable and comfortable to wear. The bigger size is intended to produce a display item rather than a covert watch-wearing feel.

Overall, high-end Swiss luxurious watchmaker ArtyA takes great pride in standing out from its competitors. Although its usage of a crystal casing is beautiful and creative, the Crystal Watch isn’t among the most innovative watch the firm has ever created. Those who are unfamiliar with the ArtyA company can gain a closer look at its current offerings. With this, you will determine how far they’ve come in their pursuit of providing the most remarkable and uncommon watch models we’ve encountered.

The ArtyA Son of Gears Crystal is indeed a beautiful watch that provides precision in stating the time while serving as a debate starter. Anywhere it appears, this clock is most likely to pique interest. It is a wonderful illustration of how design and functionality can coexist to create a lovely item that also serves as a completely operational watch.

To be precise, it’s uncertain how many different models of the Son of Gears Crystal watches ArtyA will make. However, it’s evident that they are unique products that will be hard to get.

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