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Maxime Bouttier’s Santos de Cartier Skeleton Watch in Black ADLC


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Hold onto your fashion hats, because Maxime Bouttier is about to steal the show on the cover of DAMAN Magazine’s December ’23/January ’24 issue. And while Maxime’s dashing looks could captivate anyone, it’s the collaboration with the Santos de Cartier Skeleton Watch that truly elevates this heartthrob to a whole new level of stylish sophistication.

Maxime, known for his on-screen charisma, is taking center stage with a timepiece that doesn’t just tell time; it tells a tale of unparalleled elegance. The Santos de Cartier Skeleton Watch in black ADLC steel with a leather strap is not just a watch; it’s a wrist-bound work of art. It’s as if Cartier said, “Why just watch movies when you can wear cinema on your wrist?”


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A post shared by DA MAN (@daman_magazine)

Let’s talk about the watch’s black ADLC steel because, when it comes to style, Maxime doesn’t settle for basic. The black steel adds a touch of mystery, like the leading man in a classic film noir. It’s the kind of watch that says, “I know the time, but do I have to be on time when I look this good?”

Now, the leather strap. Maxime didn’t just choose a strap; he selected a statement. The leather adds a touch of rugged charm to the overall ensemble. It’s like the watch is saying, “I may be sophisticated, but I’m not afraid to get a little rough around the edges.” Just like Maxime himself—smooth yet with an edge.

But that’s not all. The Classic Trinity ring in black ceramic and white gold is the perfect sidekick to Maxime’s wrist saga. It’s like the cherry on top of a sartorial sundae. The black ceramic adds a modern twist, while the white gold brings a touch of classic elegance. It’s the kind of ring that says, “I’m not just here for show; I’m here to steal the spotlight alongside Maxime.”

In conclusion, if Maxime Bouttier is the leading man, then the Santos de Cartier Skeleton Watch and the Classic Trinity Ring are his trusty sidekicks. Together, they’re creating a fashion narrative that’s as compelling as Maxime’s on-screen performances. So, if you’re ready to be swept away by the fusion of timeless charm and wrist magic, grab a copy of DAMAN Magazine’s upcoming issue. Because Maxime Bouttier and Cartier have just set the standard for what it means to be the epitome of style and sophistication.

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