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Lucas Estrada’s Stylish Spin with the Rumoe Nobel Royal ‘Black Harva’ Watch

When it comes to making the crowd groove to his beats, Lucas Estrada, the Mexican-Swedish DJ extraordinaire, knows how to drop the bass and turn up the style. You may not be able to dance as well as he can, but at least you can appreciate his impeccable taste in wristwear – the Rumoe Nobel Royal ‘Black Harva’ watch!

Now, let’s talk about this watch, which is essentially a time machine that takes style to a whole new dimension. A 40mm gold plate stainless steel case? Check. A black dial that’s darker than your Monday morning mood? Double check. And the cherry on top? It houses an automatic Seiko movement because Lucas Estrada knows that when you’re making music history, you’ve got to be on time!


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Imagine this watch as the DJ booth of your dreams, complete with flashing lights and a bass that’ll rattle your bones. Every time Lucas glances at his wrist to check the time, it’s like he’s queuing up the next chart-topping hit. “Hey, look, it’s 3 AM, time for a massive drop!”

But wait, there’s more! This timepiece comes with a black rubber strap, because who has time for leather when you’re busy spinning records? Rubber is where it’s at, folks – it’s durable, it’s comfortable, and it doesn’t mind a little sweat from all the dancing. You won’t find Lucas Estrada worrying about sweat stains on his watch, that’s for sure!

Now, let’s talk about the name – ‘Black Harva.’ It’s almost like the watch is trying to tell you that it’s not just a time-teller; it’s a mysterious, enigmatic, and utterly stylish accessory that’s here to steal the show. “Harva” sounds like the name of a secret agent, and with this watch on his wrist, Lucas Estrada might as well be a secret agent of music!

The only thing missing is a pair of sunglasses, because when you’re wearing a Rumoe Nobel Royal ‘Black Harva,’ you need to protect your eyes from the sheer awesomeness reflecting off your wrist.


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So, there you have it, folks – Lucas Estrada, the DJ who’s making the world dance, one beat at a time, and doing it all while wearing a timepiece that’s the envy of watch enthusiasts everywhere. With this watch, he’s not just keeping track of time; he’s making time itself groove to his tunes. Now that’s what we call music to our ears! In a world where music and style collide, Lucas Estrada is the maestro of it all. So, here’s to you, Lucas – may your beats stay fresh, your wristwear stay sleek, and your music continues to make us move!

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