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Limited Gerald Charles “20th Anniversary” watch

Former footballer Claudio Marchisio wears the 252 limited Gerald Charles “20th Anniversary” watch, made to celebrate the brand’s twentieth anniversary, held in 2020. The 40mm timepiece features stainless steel case that houses a black dial with a month-year combination engraved, starting from January 2000 and ending with December 2020.

About the Watch

Gerald Charles is an unfamiliar name to most of us. However, in horology, Gerald Charles’ name has been compared to that of a legendary. Gerald Charles brand was founded in 2000 by the great Gerald Charles Genta. Gerald Genta is the man behind classic timepieces such as the Patek Philippe Nautilus and the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.

Gerald Charles continued to create clocks in small quantities for his clientele after his death in 2011. It was until Gerald Genta’s former colleague relaunched the eponymous make with the Maestro. Maestro is a solid timepiece that is entirely expressive of its name, marked by the return of Genta’s artistically inventive thinking and approach to timepiece making. It thus brings Gerald Charles back to the public eye.

The Gerald Charles Maestro appears to be an esteemed honor to Genta’s contributions throughout his half-century in the timepiece industry. The Maestro was first produced in 2006, and it has a unique casing shape somewhere between a square and an octagon. It’s possibly a play on two of his most renowned models, the Nautilus and the Royal Oak.

The Maestro’s casing is a blend of an exquisite, classic dress watch and a band that can be worn casually, paying homage to Genta’s unique approach to duality. The 40mm stainless steel casing is fully 3-dimensional, with numerous steps accented by ridges and curves. Also, the Maestro’s multi-faceted case gives a level of intricacy that fits well, particularly when compared to the dial’s simplicity and cleanliness.

Proceeding onto the watch’s dial, it comes in a gorgeous sunburst finishing, which contrasts nicely with the high glow polished surfaces of the casing body. Super-Luminova coated markers, as well as the Maestro Original Time’s hands, denote the hours and minutes. A larger date window with a white background sits near the dial’s bottom. It matches the hour markers and hands and functions as a point of difference among the sea of blue.

Only 252 Maestro Anniversary pieces will be produced, one for every month since the brand’s inception through December 2020. Each timepiece will engrave the exclusive month-year combination as a serial number.


A chronograph version of the Maestro was also produced with the Maestro 2.0. It is the first Gerald Charles Chrono to be made in rose gold, and it has a rose gold casing with a 100m water resistance and an emerald green dial. Its movement, which measures just 6.07mm and maintains the chronograph functions, as well as the hours, minutes, and central seconds, running for 50 hours, is also made in Fleurier.

Overall, Genta’s designs, especially the Maestro, are incredible. It’s a one-of-a-kind casing that balances sporty and elegant, a charming feature noticeable in many of Genta’s models. The redesigned Maestro makes the dial simple and functional but adds a pattern rubber strap for a casual but distinctive appeal.

Price: $15,000.00 USD (sold out)
Watch reference: GC19-00A

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