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Leonardo DiCaprio – TAG Heuer

A BIG applause to those who KNEW that I was wearing a @tagheuer 1000 Series 18K ️️ in the Wolf of Wall Street and NOT a @rolex GMT-Master ️️ ️ 📸 @superwatchman

Leonardo DiCaprio is seen in the movie “Wolf of Wall Street” wearing a TAG Heuer 1000 Series 18k and not a Rolex GMT-Master II as many thinks.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jordan Belfort, a role that after losing his job on Wall Street, Jordan Belfort started his own company specializing in cheap stocks. Together with business partner Donnie Azoff, they become, with the help of dubious methods, very successful and wallow in luxury and constant partying. However, their criminal affairs are becoming more and more important and it is not long before FBI agents begin to suspect something, where Jordan faces several crucial crossroads.

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