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Kyle Kuzma and His Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar ‘Salmon’

Hey there, basketball buffs and style spectators! Gather ’round because we’re about to talk about the real MVP of the NBA—no, not the Most Valuable Player, but the Most Valuable Fashionista. Kyle Kuzma from the Washington Wizards just turned the court into his personal runway, and it’s not because he’s running from defenders. No, folks, he’s running straight into the Fashion Hall of Fame with his latest entrance!

Kyle Kuzma struts into his NBA game like he’s auditioning for the next season of America’s Next Top Model, but instead of a designer gown, he’s rocking a limited edition Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar ‘Salmon’ 26615TI. Yes, you heard it right—a watch that sounds more like a seafood dish than a timepiece. Move over, basketball. Kuzma’s time is ticking, quite literally!


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Now, I’m not a watch connoisseur, but when you’ve got a timepiece that’s a limited edition of 300 pieces, you know it’s not your average watch. This isn’t just wrist candy; it’s a dessert buffet of horological sophistication. And guess what? Kuzma grabbed a front-row seat at this buffet.

Let’s talk about the pièce de résistance—the salmon dial. Forget about catching fish; Kuzma’s catching eyes with a dial that’s more fashionable than a runway at Paris Fashion Week. Match that with subdials and an inner bezel, and you’ve got yourself a watch that’s as extra as Kuzma’s on-court maneuvers.

And it doesn’t stop there! The ‘grande tapisserie’ pattern on the dial is a fancy French term that probably means “making other NBA players jealous of your watch game.” Add in some white gold-applied hour markers and Royal Oak hands, and suddenly, Kuzma’s not just playing basketball; he’s conducting a symphony of style.

Now, you might be wondering, “Can Kuzma still make a slam dunk with all that bling on his wrist?” Well, my friends, he’s not just dunking; he’s slam-dunking in style. It’s like he’s saying, “Sure, I can sink three-pointers, but have you seen my watch game?” Talk about a fashion-forward fast break!

In a league where fashion statements are as competitive as buzzer-beaters, Kuzma’s watch choice is a slam dunk in comedy. I mean, imagine guarding a guy who’s not just scoring points but also flaunting a limited-edition timepiece. “Is that watch even legal on the court?” the opponents might be muttering.

So, the next time you’re watching a Wizards game, keep an eye on Kuzma’s wrist. It’s not just keeping track of game time; it’s counting down the seconds until he takes the title of the NBA’s Most Valuable Fashionista. Kuz, you’re not just running the court; you’re running a comedy show in the world of courtside couture. Bravo!

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