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Kevin O’Leary Wears Stunning Patek Philippe Rainbow Chronograph

Photo: Patek Philippe

When it comes to flaunting his wealth, Kevin O’Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful, is no stranger to the game. But this time, he’s taken it to a whole new level with his wrist candy – the 18-carat rose gold Patek Philippe Aquanaut Luce “Rainbow” Chronograph. Trust him to make you wonder whether you should be investing in stocks or in a timepiece like this!

Let’s dive into the details of this extravagant wristwatch that’s more bling than a disco ball at a ’70s-themed party.


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First things first, this watch is all about the bling. If you’ve ever thought, “Hmm, my wrist could use some more diamonds,” then the “Rainbow” Chronograph might just be your soulmate. Its gem-set bezel is like a sparkling constellation of diamonds, adding that extra touch of extravagance.

But it’s not just about the diamonds. The white ‘Mother Of Pearl dial adds a touch of sophistication to this flashy piece. It’s like wearing a tuxedo to a beach party – unexpected, but oh-so stylish.

With a 40 mm case, this watch makes a statement without screaming for attention. It’s like Kevin’s way of saying, “I’m successful, but I don’t need to shout about it…unless we’re on Shark Tank, of course!”

Now, let’s talk about the “Rainbow” part of this timepiece. The colorful gradient on the dial is like a miniature rainbow that never fades away. It’s like having a tiny unicorn on your wrist that tells time.

Beyond its dazzling appearance, the Patek Philippe Aquanaut Luce “Rainbow” Chronograph is a functional beauty. It’s got all the chronograph features you’d expect, like a stopwatch function, which is handy for timing how long it takes for your avocado toast to be served at brunch.


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And why settle for ordinary gold when you can have rose gold? It’s like regular gold, but with a rosy personality. Kevin O’Leary knows that sometimes, you just have to take the road less traveled, even if it’s paved with gold.

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