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Karim Benzema’s Mixing Goals with a Dash of Richard Mille

Karim Benzema, the soccer superstar known for his electrifying goals on the field, is now kicking things up a notch in the world of horology. Sporting a 150-piece limited edition Richard Mille RM 11-02 Flyback Chronograph 'Le Mans Classic', Benzema proves that his flair for precision isn't just confined to the soccer pitch.

Photo by: Karim Benzema

When it comes to scoring goals, Karim Benzema is a name that’s practically synonymous with the back of the net. But did you know he’s not just putting the ball into the goal; he’s also putting the tick in the “ticking timepiece”? That’s right, folks – our beloved football phenom has stepped up his wrist game, and trust us, it’s a real game-changer.

Picture this: Karim Benzema, not on the pitch but at a soirée, a red carpet event, or perhaps just casually strolling through the streets, all while flaunting the limited edition Richard Mille RM 11-02 Flyback Chronograph ‘Le Mans Classic’ – a watch so exquisite, it makes you wonder if it’s a timepiece or a time portal to the future.


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This particular Richard Mille creation isn’t just a watch; it’s a symphony of watchmaking mastery and engineering brilliance. With a sleek white ATZ ceramic and NTPT carbon case, it’s like Benzema is wearing a futuristic shield, protecting his impeccable style from any fashion faux pas.

Now, let’s talk about the dial – or should we say, the visual playground of horological wizardry. A skeletonized flyback chronograph takes center stage, complete with minutes and countdown counters at 9 o’clock, an hour counter at 6 o’clock, and an oh-so-cool UTC function. It’s like the watch is not just keeping time, but orchestrating a symphony of precision right on your wrist. Who needs a conductor’s baton when you have a Richard Mille on hand, right?

But wait, there’s more! The Richard Mille ‘Le Mans Classic’ doesn’t just tell time; it tells a story. It’s a nod to the legendary Le Mans race, where every second counts and every minute is a lap towards victory. Just like Benzema’s iconic goals, this watch is a reminder that life’s moments are fleeting, but the memories are timeless.

Now, let’s talk price – the retail price of this horological marvel is a casual $155,000. But hold your goal celebrations, because in the market, it’s dancing its way to a cool $415,000. A staggering number, sure, but consider this: while Benzema’s goals might be priceless, this watch is the perfect way to keep track of all those match-winning moments.

So, there you have it, folks – Karim Benzema isn’t just bending it like Beckham on the pitch; he’s bending our perception of time with a Richard Mille timepiece that’s as extraordinary as his goal-scoring finesse. From the football field to the fashion runway, Benzema proves that he’s not just playing the game; he’s rewriting the rules, one goal and one wrist at a time. Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or a watch aficionado, this limited edition timepiece is a testament to Benzema’s taste for both goals and gears – a winning combination that’s pure, unadulterated swag.

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