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Justin Bieber’s Watch Collection

Photo: GQ

When Justin Bieber first entered the public eye at the age of 16, it was because of the worldwide success of his single hit ‘Baby.’ From his renowned relationships to the different scandals, Bieber has spent his entire life in the spotlight over the past ten years.

On the other hand, Justin is particularly recognized for his series of high-end items in addition to his music and romantic relationships. Besides, he has changed his style in response to shifting fashion trends. Bieber has the funds on hand to purchase the most elegant pieces worldwide, thanks to his $285 million net worth.

As a result, he has carefully chosen the ideal timepieces for himself, ranging from hefty pieces from the 2010s to sleek, timeless versions that few people own. Here is a look at the top wristwatches in his collection:


  1. Rolex Day-Date in 18k yellow gold

In addition to its bracelet, the Rolex Day-Date gained the nickname “President” for the variety of international leaders as well as diplomats who have donned it. The Day-Date is today a widely known emblem of achievement. Whereas elderly males once only wore it, it is now frequently sported on prominent young people’s wrists like Justin Bieber.

Justin has been sported wearing a Rolex watch made of 18k yellow gold. It also features baguette-shaped diamonds on the champagne-colored dial with round diamonds around the bezel.

This iced-out diamond Rolex Day-Date is highly customized to the point of being a masterwork. It generally appears brand-new on the wrist and is in extremely exceptional condition. The casing, lugs, dial, bezel, as well as bracelet of the piece are all covered in a total of 25.5 Ct of VS diamonds placed in pave. The crown has been adorned with a pave-set, three-row diamond bezel that is made to order out of pure gold.

The watch is also enhanced with a baguette diamond-set pave diamond aftermarket dial. Moreover, it comprises an upgraded 7.5-inch Presidential bracelet made of 18K yellow gold covered in diamonds. All of these diamonds are G-H in color and VS2-SI1 in brilliance and have an aftermarket set.

The original Rolex automated mechanism in an original Rolex casing. The movement has also recently received maintenance.


Rolex Day-Date in 18k yellow gold, fully after-set with VS1-VS2 diamonds. Photo: Getty Images


  1. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak “Jumbo”

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak timepiece that Justin Bieber bought himself upon marrying Hailey Baldwin is among the most sought-after pieces in his collection. The watch was made in 1978 and featured a silver dial with 18 carats of yellow gold.

Undoubtedly, this timepiece that Bieber is wearing is a rare example and one of the first premium pieces on the market, with an octagonal casing and exposed screws. About 1000 units of this uncommon version were ever created, which ran from 1978 until the middle of the 1980s.


vintage 39mm Audemars Piguet Royal Oak “Jumbo” reference 5402BA in 18k yellow gold with a dark grey tapisserie dial. Photo: Getty Images


  1. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Even though Rolex is a valuable product in and of itself, celebs are crazy for the gold-on-gold Cosmograph Daytona. The timepiece has a champagne face, an 18-carat yellow gold case, as well as a gold strap to complement. It was created over 50 years ago and weighed 20 grams. This watch was seen on Bieber’s wrist during his SNL appearances, dinner dates, and most lately, at the MET Gala in 2021.

Three extra subdials, gold-tone indexes, and a sunburst finishing are all features of the dial. The timepiece includes striking characteristics such as a mechanical 4130 caliber and a reserve period of roughly 72 hours, in addition to its stylish look. The watch’s sapphire crystal is scratch-resistant and doesn’t reflect light. Furthermore, it is waterproof up to 100 meters.

Clearly, this Rolex Cosmograph Daytona timepiece is exquisitely constructed, with every last feature in its rightful place.

‘The Prince Of Pop’ Justin Bieber, is wearing a 40mm Rolex Cosmograph Daytona in 18 ct yellow gold with a champagne-color dial featuring snailed chronograph counters, on an oyster bracelet. Photo: Getty Images

  1. Cartier Santos-Dumont ‘Large’

In mid-2021, Justin Bieber wore a 43,5mm quartz movement Cartier Santos-Dumont “Large” on a photo session for GQ. Indeed, this watch is a more sophisticated interpretation of Bieber’s timepiece preferences.

The Santos is a more understated model in his selection compared to the flashier timepieces he typically wears. According to GQ, the Santos was among the earliest pieces ever manufactured and was later released as the most famous watch made.

This magnificent wristwatch features a silver dial and Roman numerals inscribed in black and blue stainless steel indexes. The watch’s square-shaped case is made of refined 18k rose gold, and its bezel is encrusted with diamonds. The casing is a composite of rose gold with stainless steel, while its quartz movement is paired with an alligator leather band.

Justin Bieber was during the photo shoot for GQ earlier this year, wearing a 43,5mm quartz movement Cartier Santos-Dumont ‘Large’ in stainless steel and 18k rose gold featuring a silver gray roman dial. Photo: GQ

  1. Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A

It is not surprising that Justin possesses a Patek Philippe Nautilus since he is a multi-millionaire with such a considerable net value. The made-to-order company created a timepiece with 255 diamonds precisely for him. This watch outperforms all the other pieces in his collection, which are all quite understated.

In addition, this Patek Philippe demonstrates that it can do more after observing what others were doing to its Nautilus. And even while Bieber doesn’t own many overtly ostentatious celebrity timepieces, this one probably accounts for it.

Justin Bieber is wearing a Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A in stainless steel fully set with diamonds. Photo: Getty Images

  1. Rolex Day-Date II

Justin Bieber also owns a Rolex Day-Date featuring genuine diamonds. More than 18.0 carats of hand-selected real diamonds are expertly hand-set all over the customized Rolex Datejust II edition. It has a red diamond dial with roman numbers. Genuine pure diamonds are completely set into the casing and band made of manufactured stainless steel.

The bezel of this watch is made out of a 4.0 Ct diamond embedded in beads. The diamonds around the band appear brighter than many timepieces in a similar range. This is because they are all pave fitted in an incredibly even and precise manner.

Although the Datejust is a 41mm variant, the bezel makes it a 42mm broad watch. The diamonds are also embedded afterward and are flawless and genuine (VS2-SI1 precision and G-H tint).


Justin Bieber is wearing a 41mm white gold Rolex Day-Date II with an after-set diamond bracelet and bezel. Photo: Getty Images


Bottom Line

In general, Justin Bieber’s collection includes numerous timepieces from Rolex. The musician, as well as producer, possess pieces ranging in price from budget models to the most sought-after items. It will come as no surprise to see Bieber build his exquisite and genuine timepiece collection. This is because of the gradual progression of his singing career and his well-documented love of vintage, higher sophisticated watches.


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