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Jacob Arabo Wears Jacob & Co.’s Opera Godfather 

Well, well, well, it seems like @jacobarabo, the mastermind behind Jacob and Co., has taken his wrist game to a whole new level of sophistication! Decked out in the awe-inspiring 49 mm Opera Godfather '50th Anniversary' watch, this founder is making waves in the world of horological grandeur.

Photo by: Jacob Arabo

Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round as we dive into the world of horological marvels that even Don Corleone would have approved of! Meet the founder of Jacob & Co., the illustrious Jacob Arabo, strutting in style with the one and only 49 mm Opera Godfather ’50th Anniversary’ timepiece in 18-carat white gold. It’s not just a watch; it’s a wrist-born orchestra that would make any mafioso green with envy!

Now, before you start wondering if this Opera watch comes with a concealed gun or a secret compartment for contraband, let me set the record straight. Jacob & Co. has conjured up a unique masterpiece that takes horology to the next level. This timepiece is more than meets the eye; it’s a tribute to cinematic greatness, an opus of engineering wizardry.

What makes this watch truly special is the chiming mechanism that springs to life with a mere press of the pusher. Picture this: over 600 intricate components dancing together in a choreographed symphony. And what do they play, you ask? None other than ‘The Godfather’ theme! Can you imagine the sheer delight of hearing that iconic tune resonating from your wrist?


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You might think, “Why ‘The Godfather’? Why not ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from Titanic or the theme from Rocky?” Well, my dear readers, it’s all about celebrating the 50th anniversary of the classic movie trilogy. The watch proudly flaunts an engraved “Godfather 50 years” logo on its case back, paying homage to one of the most influential crime dramas in cinematic history.

I can just picture it now: Jacob Arabo, sipping on an espresso in a dimly lit Italian cafe, elegantly adjusting his Opera Godfather watch, and nodding approvingly at those who recognize the theme. It’s not just a watch; it’s a conversation starter, a collector’s dream, and a dazzling display of craftsmanship.

Now, I have to wonder, does the watch come with a tiny Marlon Brando figurine that pops out to say, “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse”? Unfortunately, no. But what it lacks in miniature mob bosses, it more than compensates for with its intricate design.

Sure, some may argue that a watch of this caliber is like owning a race car for grocery runs, but I say, embrace the extravagance! Life is too short to settle for mundane timepieces. If you’re going to tell time, might as well do it with flair and a touch of cinematic brilliance, right?

So, if you happen to be in the market for a conversation-starting, Godfather-honoring, 18-carat masterpiece, look no further than Jacob & Co.’s Opera Godfather ’50th Anniversary’ watch. It’s a horological tribute to the underworld, an ode to craftsmanship, and a declaration of style that would make any mobster—or watch enthusiast—green with envy.


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And who knows, maybe, just maybe, wearing this Opera watch will make you feel like the head of your own watch-wearing family, where time is not just measured in hours and minutes but in the crescendo of an everlasting melody. So, go ahead, seize the day like Don Corleone would, and make this watch your very own ‘Godfather.’

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