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Importance of Cleaning Your Watch

Nano Care cleaning kit


It’s high time to shine with Nano Clear, a cutting-edge, hygienic, high-tech spray for cleaning timepieces. This solution not only makes your watches shine but also improves their resistance to tarnishing. Above all, Nano Clear is appropriate for all high-end watches.

Importance of Cleaning Your Watch

Sometimes, people tend to be unclean. Even though some of us do not really sweat excessively, we often lose hair, shed some skin, and even produce oil from the skin. Though it’s unpleasant to consider, you can’t ignore it because it’s a part of human biology. Such oils and skin fragments can degrade a wristwatch, making it appear unsightly and unclean while also hiding some of its unique features. In certain instances, dirt can really damage a watch by disintegrating the linkages and obstructing the dials and crown.

Having an active life might also create dirt build-up. In other words, wearing your watch while working, swimming, or simply eating can expose it to a lot of dirt. Therefore, frequent cleaning could benefit your piece’s appearance and functionality by preventing issues from rusting, tarnishing, or obstructed parts.

It’s not hard to clean your timepiece whatsoever with Nano Clear. In fact, you could get your watch properly maintained, but the majority of watch users only do it occasionally. To clean the outer surface, you don’t have to be an expert on watches. You could keep them in perfect condition and save money on frequent service by following the Nano Clear, simple cleaning steps.

Nano Clear cleaning kit

Start by folding the microfiber fabric in half. On the same fabric, put a small amount of Micro Polish. Holding the timepiece, wipe it on the soft towel to eliminate any scratches. After that, clean with Nano Clear.

Next, take off the fabric, wet the cleaning brush, spray it on the entire item, and scrub vigorously until it is thoroughly foamed. Most importantly, to get a cleaner device, clean the interior. Wash the watch in water upon brushing it, then use a microfiber rag to polish it.

Lastly, using the matte sponge, refresh after washing and replenish the watch’s polished components.


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How Frequently Should You Clean Your Timepiece?

Based on how frequently you wear your wristwatch and how dirty it becomes, you can clean it with Nano Clear as many times as it requires. While some watch owners do this once a week, others choose once a month or more regularly.

You may always place your (water-resistant) timepiece beneath warm flowing water and rub a little Nano Clear solution on your fingers to clean it. After that, rinse it, then carefully dry it using a soft cloth for fast clean-up on a more regular basis.

The most important thing when it comes to cleaning your pieces is to take extreme care to avoid dropping them, as this could cause great damage. Remember, it is now off your wrist and slick from the detergent.

Overall, with the Nano Clear, your timepieces will be renewed and revived like never before. This is, after all, the most sophisticated watch renewal and cleaning agent.


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