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Hublot’s New Big Bang Tourbillon in Neon Yellow

Photo: Hublot


Hublot demonstrates once more how competent in materials it is. For their new 2023 Big Bang Tourbillon, the company completely transparently paints one of its most iconic variants in a distinctive neon yellow. This watch, unveiled a few days ago, is indeed the first with an extremely complicated manufacturing procedure.

In 2019, Hublot released its first watch with SAXEM for the Big Bang MP-11, which employed the material in a striking emerald green hue. However, today, Hublot has developed a model of the material that comes in a vivid neon yellow shade. This piece virtually exhibits the same artificial luminous color as the well-known drink Mountain Dew following 3 years of experiments and modification. 


Photo: Hublot


At its root, SAXEM, short for “Sapphire Aluminum oXide and rare Earth Mineral,” is a combination made of aluminum oxide. It is the main ingredient in sapphire and has valuable minerals, including thulium, chromium, and holmium. Initially, SAXEM was created for the satellite sector.

While SAXEM can be manufactured in fuller, more dazzling hues, it is entirely clear and exceedingly resistant to scratches and breakage, much like sapphire. Furthermore, SAXEM provides more stability for shaping because there is no stress inside the material. Also, the element’s cubic crystal design makes it possible for it to seem to have a similar hue and intensity from every perspective.

In addition, this latest Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon has a shape almost identical to the previous Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic variants initially offered with orange sapphire and purple sapphire casings. However, it comes with a casing composed of SAXEM that is brilliant yellow and with a rubber strap that complements it. 


Photo: Esquire


The general casing profile is easily recognizable as the company’s Big Bang series, similar to its colored sapphire sisters. It is 44mm wide and 14.4mm thick and has an angled multi-component casing design featuring integrated lugs. It also includes the distinctive Big Bang bezel containing 6 visible titanium screws that have been finished and micro-blasted.

On the other hand, the transparent sapphire crystals built into the caseback and shielding the piece’s dial edge provide a great overview of the skeletonized movement. They also have a remarkable waterproofing rate of 30 meters to prevent accidental contact.

Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic shares a distinctive titanium wound crown with previous Big Bang series timepieces at the three o’clock position. Another similar feature is the company’s quick-release strap mechanism, represented by a row of trapezoid-like buttons over the angled integrated lugs.


Photo: Hublot


Simply pushing the two trapezoidal keys and drawing out the sides of the strap releases the strap-switching mechanism. Nevertheless, the neon yellow ribbed rubber strap that comes with the watch is almost the right combination for the bright fluorescent shade of the yellow SAXEM casing. It is fastened with a signature dual-press button titanium deployant clasp.

Similar to its orange and purple sapphire siblings, the new Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon’s dial is made from transparent sapphire. This is done to give the HUB6035 automated movement a clear look and show off the majority of it as possible. 

A set of skeletonized markers indicating the hours and minutes are situated in the middle of the dial. However, the movement has been open-worked to get rid of as many of its constituent parts as possible. Additionally, it has sapphire arches that allow for a clear view of the escapement and gear system.


Photo: Hublot


At six o’clock, a huge tourbillon seems to hover, and across it at 12 is a skeletonized micro-rotor shaped like Hublot’s emblem. It enables the piece to spin itself manually without blocking the caseback’s glimpse of the device’s movement, as it would with a conventional centrally positioned rotor.

Generally, this is the same movement that powers this watch’s purple and orange sapphire variants. It beats at a speed of 21,600 mph (3 Hz) and gives users a power reserve of about 72 hours. This is despite the fact that this new edition’s hands and hour markings are coated in brilliant yellow to complement its casing.

About Hublot Big Bang

As the name suggests, Hublot’s Big Bang had a major influence on the watch industry. It even helped the company achieve considerable financial achievement during the early 2000s and hasn’t stopped since.

Hublot hit a public interest peak in 2004 when Jean Claude Biver started working for the company. Biver initially had a record for being an intelligent marketer who was especially skilled at revitalizing outdated companies. He even revived Blancpain, a watchmaker that had shut down in the 1970s. Biver additionally restored consumer interest in the established brand using an innovative marketing strategy. In 1992, the company sold the now-profitable label to Swatch Group. 


Photo: Hublot – Big Bang Unico


Recently, when serving as the president of Swatch’s Omega division, Biver increased sales by strategically placing his company’s products in the alluring, action-filled James Bond movies. 

Initially, Biver joined Hublot to modernize the brand with the latest flagship line known as the Big Bang. As a result, Hublot launched the Big Bang to much praise in Basel in 2005.

In keeping with Hublot’s reputation of unconventionality, the Big Bang has gone through fresh modifications since its Basel introduction. The Big Bang has been reintroduced using cutting-edge materials, including a featherweight alloy of magnesium and aluminum embellished with a Swiss embroidered motif carved in carbon fiber to create its texture. Similarly to Crocco’s ground-breaking rubber compound from 1980, “Magic Gold” is a unique 18K gold alloy produced by Hublot that is scratch-resistant.


Photo: Hublot – a 40 year motor of innovations


Overall, the Hublot company continues pushing the boundaries and standards of conventional watchmaking as a result of The Big Bang, which is still a masterpiece in its own right.


Bottom Line

In keeping with Hublot tradition, the timepiece presents a captivating spectacle deserving of Haute Horlogerie while still suitable for modern wearers. Indeed, there is no chance the piece will be overlooked because it is stylish, brilliant, and eye-catching. In addition, the watch is made as a limited edition, available in 50 copies. It also has a unique One-Click mechanism that enables tool-free changes.

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