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How to Spot a Fake TAG Heuer Watch

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TAG Heuer is associated with luxury due to the improvements in horology it created, along with its connection with thrilling and deadly racing and movie-star racers. It is recognized as a forerunner in watchmaking, having developed the first chronograph dashboard timer and the initial watch featuring a revolving bezel.

This indicates why TAG Heuer timepieces are frequently duplicated on the black market in such stark terms. Therefore, here are some guidelines to help differentiate a genuine TAG Heuer watch from a fake one to avoid being scammed.


  • The display

Like other upscale timepieces, TAG Heuer variants include sapphire crystal protecting the watch display. This material is extremely polished and resistant to scratches. To determine the nature of your watch face, simply put a few drops of water over the surface to see if the material is a sapphire crystal or just regular glass. The surface tension of the water shouldn’t be affected by the sapphire crystal; hence, it ought to collect on the crystal. Nevertheless, the water will spread unevenly across the glass.

In addition, the term “Swiss Made” should be visible on the watch’s original face at six o’clock. However, some fakes contain “Japanese Movement” that wouldn’t be found on an authentic TAG Heuer watch or simply have nothing.


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Moreover, check to see that the TAG Heuer symbol is etched into the dial’s steel rather than being adhered with adhesives. You can identify a fake product if the logo has adhesive residue or has corners that are not straight.

  • Date Complication

There is a date complexity in almost every TAG Heuer version. However, only a few feature a day-date complication. Specifically, the day and date screens are only available on the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 5 and Calibre 16 versions. So if you come across a product that claims to have extra displays than it does, it can be fake. It is also important to be certain that you know precisely what is included with an original edition of the device you’re buying.


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Furthermore, the numerals and characters should naturally be aligned in their display windows. Likewise, the numbers on a badly produced counterfeit may be crooked or incorrectly positioned.

  • Lumes 

Because TAG Heuer utilizes LumiNova innovation, the lumes are exceptionally bright and noticeable in the darkness.


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Thus, your wristwatch is not genuine if it lacks the LumiNova feature and doesn’t illuminate vividly in the dark after being recharged in the sunlight.

  • Subdials 

It is particularly crucial to examine the subdials on timepieces such as TAG Heuer Carrera and Formula 1, which are recognized for their incredibly accurate chronograph feature. First, since every subdial serves a specific purpose, each subdial’s timekeeping system must employ a unique set of digits.


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Also, each chronograph subdial has to include a matching pusher. So try playing with the buttons above and beneath the device’s crown to ensure all of the subdials and the corresponding pushers are working.

The Case:

  • Bezel

TAG Heuer was among the first manufacturers to incorporate a spinning tachymeter bezel into their clocks. This enabled drivers wearing TAG Heuer pieces to track themselves and determine the distance they’ve traveled with a glance at their wristwatch. As a result, the revolving bezel on an original TAG Heuer watch ought to be flawlessly built.


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A genuine watch should spin freely with the appropriate quantity of clicks. However, the bezel of a fake TAG Heuer may not turn smoothly or click in the right place.

  • Crown

The crown should undergo a similar test. Genuine TAG Heuer timepieces have a wonderful winding system that makes spinning the watch seem practically simple. Obviously, you would encounter some friction and feel the internal watch movement twisting in a fake piece.



Based on how hard you find it to spin the watch, it could be a possible sign that the movement is broken or, at the very least, poorly manufactured.

  • Caseback

TAG Heuer’s casebacks vary depending on the version. The product code, the watch’s distinctive serial number, and its waterproof rate are all etched on the caseback, which is one thing they all possess in common.


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So if a watch claims to be water-resistant to less than 100 meters, it isn’t a genuine TAG Heuer.

  • Bracelet 

The bracelets from TAG Heuer are expertly crafted, much like the whole timepiece. As a result, you may anticipate that they will be carefully made using high-quality resources.


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Pay heed to this because counterfeiters frequently don’t take the time to create this watch component according to the company’s requirements. Each connection should be constructed entirely from distinct, high-quality metals.


While the box and registration documents typically indicate that a wristwatch is genuine, they can be counterfeit or forged. Check for the engraved holographic stamp on the certification to determine whether it pertains to a TAG Heuer device.


Photo: Legitcheck


Furthermore, it must have a distinctive serial number corresponding to the one etched on the caseback of the piece. To verify the watch’s authenticity, this serial number must be capable of being cross-referenced against TAG Heuer’s databases.

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