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Great Oris Watches For Men and Women

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The history of Oris began in 1904 when Paul Cattin and Georges Christian acquired the Lohner and Co. watch manufacturing in Hölstein, Switzerland. The two gave the company its name by drawing inspiration from the nearby Orisbach stream. Oris rose to become the town’s largest employer throughout the ensuing years. Up until the late 1920s, it gradually spread out by establishing workshops in many other places.

Oris had a distinct idea of what their timepieces were intended for from the beginning. The company focuses on professionals, including pilots, divers, as well as racers of motorsports. The label’s popularity gradually expanded to include paying clients. People would be all about the timepieces from Oris because of their reliable production and practical design. These customers still come to Oris today, in addition to others.

Till the Quartz Crisis, which occurred in the late 1960s through early 1970s, Oris established themselves as a reliable participant in the market. Like every other Swiss company, Oris struggled with the financial downturn. As a result, they joined ASUAG, which subsequently became known as Swatch Group. Nevertheless, Dr. Rolf Portmann and Ulrich W. Herzog put the business back into liberation in 1982. The business is still a standalone watchmaker today, drawing their inspirations from high-end specialists.

Below is thus a brief tour of Oris history in five timepieces:

  1. Oris Aquis

The Oris Aquis watch line is made for people who frequently go from the office to the undersea. Although the series also includes well-liked Oris pieces similar to men’s, its sleek look puts it among ladies’ most exquisite Oris timepieces. The features of the watch most critically guarantee the user’s protection, regardless of gender. Besides, water resistance for this Acquis is up to 300 meters.

The Aquis series is highly rated and diverse. Based on your diving requirements, the watch is available in a range of limited-edition variants and can be set up with a bewildering array of complexities.

Additionally, this line offers a variety of options, such as the date system, an original depth gauge, Moonphase, GMT complexity, and even a Chrono. It also features a wide range of metal treatments, rubber or metal bracelets, and eye-catching dial colors. The diversity and value the Aquis provide are, thus, difficult to match if you’re looking for a traditional, high-end diving watch.

  1. Oris Big Crown

The aviation industry had almost reached its climax when Oris began producing pilot’s timepieces in 1910. Oris is proud of its innovative line, which is well-regarded by industry experts. Among the most recognizable aircraft timepieces from the Oris label was the Big Crown, which debuted in 1938. It continues to be a reliable player within the aviation timepiece sector today.

The Big Crown has an enormous crown, as its title implies. Pilots can also operate the piece even when wearing gloves because of its unique design. With a specialized display and a calendar scale around the dial, the Big Crown has the label’s iconic marker date.

Furthermore, the Big Crown range of watches has a nostalgic aesthetic and frequently includes a cathedral index with a retro feel. The line accurately reflects the rising interest in neo-vintage timepieces.

  1. Oris Artelier

The company’s interpretation of classic dress timepieces for men is the Oris Artelier. This line of timepieces embodies both the brand’s history and its most recent developments. Also, every watch has a built-in movement and a modern design.

Some of the label’s most daring engineering accomplishments, along with its most whimsical designs, may be found in the Oris Artelier series. Varying complexities can reveal anything, ranging from the day of the year to the present moon phase. Additionally, certain Artelier versions employ in-house movements.

The owner can select their preferred dial hue, case size, metal or leather strap, as well as function from this collection.

  1. Diver’s Sixty-Five

The initial diver’s timepieces made by the company serve as the basis for the Oris Divers Sixty-Five. In fact, it is a contemporary version of the model from 1965. This line features cutting-edge design and production methods while maintaining a vintage look.

The Divers Sixty-Five is water resistant up to 100 meters, much like its predecessor. Additionally, it employs automated movement 733. This caliber is from the SW 200-1, which has a 38-hour power reserve and a date function.

Additionally, the Diver’s Sixty-Five closely resembles the style of the Oris diver from the 1960s, right down to the style of the hourly markings, indexes, and bezel font. There are two main types of dials: those with retro Arabic number hour indicators and those with dot hour markings.

When Oris introduced the newer versions, they significantly improved the case. They thus added features such as unidirectional bezel fastening, a wider diameter, and an enhanced sapphire crystal, to mention a few.

  1. Oris Chronoris

This collection, originally inspired by motorsport, was later modernized and manufactured, rendering the Oris Chronoris line among the most notable ones available. Every timepiece in the series features patterns that are highly reminiscent of components and racing cars. In particular, the Chronoris watches displayed the ancient traits of their ancestor while being given a more modern flare and supplemented with new functions.

In addition, each Oris Chronoris watch is powered by a Swiss automated movement, demonstrating the company’s superior engineering. This collection of pieces does, in fact, guarantee classic designs and significant functions that have undoubtedly thrilled racing enthusiasts and horology experts throughout the world.

Bottom Line

Being one of the most well-known brands in the watch market, Oris has a large following of passionate and devoted customers. Collectors anxiously await each new release from the company since it is renowned for its exceptional movements and outstanding technological innovations.

Additionally, Oris timepieces have a lengthy and fascinating history that includes many noteworthy accomplishments and collaborations over the years. Since its founding more than a century ago, the brand has had a vast amount of knowledge in designing and producing extremely high-quality timepieces that are popular with collectors.


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