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Giorgia Mondani Dared to Dream

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Want to amass a collection of fine watches? Giorgia Mondani, a worldwide author on watches, explains how to invest, purchase and sell.

During an interview with the New York Times, Giorgia Mondani stated that being a lady in today’s cosmos of men isn’t simple or common. These are strong remarks that speak to the fundamental facts of the society we live in.

Likewise, the watch industry is dominated by men, just like most other sectors. This had been the standard even before the initial timepiece was created. During the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, the pendulum greatly influenced a male’s class and sophistication. Also, before the 20th century, women sported timepieces more frequently, but still, males created and dominated the industry.

Giorgia Mondani was one woman who dreamt big. She had a vision and followed it, becoming a prominent person in the watch business today. However, Giorgia didn’t decide what she wanted to pursue till she was in her late adolescence.

She was a talented tennis player when she was a little kid, winning awards and earning a place among the top players worldwide. When she turned 19, it became apparent the things she had always desired. However, it wasn’t free; there were costs involved.

Giorgia Mondani gave up her flourishing tennis career to pursue her studies, and after a year at the highly regarded Antiquorum auction house, she finally joined the family firm. Guido Mondani, her father and a well-known watch expert and author, had recently sold 309 wristwatches from the family’s portfolio at auction. Over eleven million Swiss francs were paid for it. Her family has since been reassembling its collection of old and valuable Rolex pieces as well as those made by 4 companies.


Giorgia Mondani: co-author of Mondani Books


Despite coming from a family of watch enthusiasts, Giorgia constantly desired to establish a pathway for herself. Her inaugural remark as a kid was “Rolex,” as per her bio on the Family’s Publishing Website, because Rolex is so prevalent. When she won the title of greatest Under-16 tennis player in Europe nearly twenty years ago, her father gave her a vintage Rolex Oyster, which was her first significant interaction with the brand.

Giorgia serves as a role model for millions of people worldwide. She started Mondani Web solely out of enthusiasm, extensive watch knowledge (particularly of Rolex models), a desire to make a difference, and a lot of faith in her judgment. She did, however, have a huge social following. With help from her partner Danielle Di Murro, she seized advantage of that one opportunity and continues to do so today. Impressively, she boasts 370,000 Instagram followers today and just recentely started a Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/giorgiamondani

By using Mondani Web, she was able to link sellers and dealers with customers and fans. In addition, Giorgia Mondani edits Mondani Magazine, an online news site covering everything related to timepieces, conferences, auctions, and recommendations. She applies her extensive expertise to this particular case.

Moreover, she is a well-known author and plays a vital role in Mondani Books. She has also co-authored various books alongside her parents and has also published other novels on her own.


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